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April 09, 2015

Ex-Congressman Barney Frank says 'House of Cards' bad for U.S. politics

While President Barack Obama is a huge fan of Netflix's "House of Cards," former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank thinks the show is "terrible."

In a video for Business Insider, Frank said the show is not a realistic portrayal and has a negative effect on Americans' views of the political process. What's more interesting is that Frank claims the show roadblocked a U.S. ambassador's conversation about human rights with the president of a foreign country. Watch the video here:

Frank obviously doesn't give the name of the ambassador or the country that the ambassador was working in. However, making the claim that a fictional T.V. show had an impact on international relations is fascinating.

Obviously, without more details, it's hard to tell wether the encounter actually happened the way Frank described it. However, if Frank Underwood was the one negotiating, it may have gone something like this (Disclaimer: NSWF language):

Barney Frank has made his thoughts on the show known before. Yet much to his dismay, the Underwoods will be back in 2016.