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October 11, 2017

Breast cancer patient from Delco scores emotional win on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan'

Looks like there's some well-deserved rest and relaxation in store for a Delaware County woman after she won big on ABC's "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

Joan Leary, of Garnet Valley, was Tuesday's contestant on the show's "Call Me Live Travel Trivia," a segment that randomly selects an eligible fan for a chance to win a luxury vacation. The rules are simple: The caller just needs to answer one trivia question about a recent episode of the show, or about the show in general, according to the sweepstakes' rules outlined on its website

That posed a problem for Leary, who told the hosts that she had just been released from the hospital after undergoing a mastectomy and hadn't been able to watch "Live" recently despite being a devoted fan. 

"Oh my goodness, how are you doing?" asked Ripa, who hails from South Jersey.

"I feel wonderful now that I'm speaking to you but horrible because I won't know the answer," Leary said. 

Ripa shared some words of encouragement before spinning a wheel that determined that Leary was competing for a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

"Thank you so much; I appreciate this so much," Leary said. "I cannot believe this. I watch you every day, take notes; I mean, wait for you to call, and then here you are."

Before Seacrest posed the question, Leary pleaded for him to "please make it easy." Seacrest obliged and asked Leary what two people she was talking to at the time.

Leary won the trip after correctly answering "Kelly and Ryan" as the audience applauded.

A heartfelt interaction posted on the Facebook page for "Live with Kelly and Ryan" in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness has since been shared on the social media platform nearly 6,000 times.

The move was well-received on social media as well.

"Listen, this is going to set you on your road to recovery, OK? We are all thinking about you, remember that," Ripa said. "You got a lot of friends and fans here in the audience. OK? Our best thoughts are with you."

"You're going to make me cry," Leary said.

"Call Me Live Travel Trivia" will run until Nov. 3. Contestant applications, which can be submitted here, will be collected until Oct. 25.

Check out the segment from "Live with Kelly and Ryan" below: