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May 25, 2017

'Kelly and Ryan' gush over 6ABC's Jim Gardner and his forecast interruption to find earring

Looks like people just can't get enough of Jim Gardner's unplanned moment that unfolded during a live weather forecast on 6ABC earlier this week.

Kelly Ripa shared a laugh with co-host Ryan Seacrest on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" Wednesday morning while watching Gardner intentionally halt meteorologist Cecily Tynan's seven-day forecast to find her missing earring, an incident that happened during the station's Monday evening broadcast.

Ripa, who hails from South Jersey and has grown up with the station, shared the clip with her national audience, gushing over Gardner, who just recently celebrated four decades with WPVI-TV, an ABC affiliate.

"I've always loved him, but that makes me love him even more," she said.

Seacrest joked that he would do the same for Ripa, who later called Gardner "royalty."

"There's always that person that's on the news where you grow up that when you were a kid and your parents left you with the baby sitter, you turned that station on to feel safe from anyone breaking in," Seacrest said.

Ripa went on to explain Gardner's celebrity status in the region.

"Oh yeah, he's your safety voice," she said. "And she's amazing too; she runs marathons and stuff. They're incredible. I love that whole group over there."

Missed Gardner's mishap? Check it out below: