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January 14, 2017

Watch 6ABC's Jim Gardner crack up trying to say rappers' names

As a big fan of local news bloopers, I'm not sure how I missed this. But back in November, legendary 6ABC anchor Jim Gardner was signing off the 11 p.m. broadcast and previewing the guests for that night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and he could barely get through it. 

Late night shows being broadcast on local news stations often provides for some unintended humor, as stoic news anchors sternly announce the names of celebrities with silly monikers. On Nov. 17, Gardner seemed fully aware of how weird he sounded saying the names of Kimmel's musical guests, Jeezy (also known as Young Jeezy) and French Montana.

New York reporter Myles Miller posted a video of Gardner's live breakdown on Twitter a couple weeks ago:

While we're on the topic of local television news and its occasional absurdity, I must highly reccomend this collection of 69 screenshots from Philly broadcasts in 2016.

Whoever's writing the on-screen copy for Fox29: Keep doing you.