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June 28, 2016

Buying non-maternity clothes while expecting

Heading into my third trimester I still want to shop at my favorite boutique

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As she advanced in her pregnancy, Katie was thrilled to discover that she could keep shopping at her favorite boutique, Knit Wit, even though it doesn't carry maternity apparel.

When my body began to require larger clothing, I was hesitant to buy maternity clothes. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve embraced my new curves and am happy to show off my expanding belly, but I didn’t want to give up my style. I’ve realized that the clothes I wear when pregnant, while seemingly superficial, allow me to still feel like myself even when my body is going through a lot of changes. Much of my wardrobe comes from my favorite boutique, Knit Wit, which is co-owned by my uncle Donald Davidow. I really wanted to keep shopping there while pregnant, but I wasn’t sure if I could.

There are some maternity clothes that I simply needed to purchase, like jeans and bathing suits. But buying a ton of maternity clothing that I would wear for only a year seemed like a waste of money if I could buy larger sized clothing from Knit Wit that would fit comfortably during my pregnancy, and could be altered as necessary to fit postpartum.

Thanks to an afternoon with Knit Wit’s co-owner and creative genius, Ann Gitter, I was delighted to discover that a lot of apparel at my favorite shop still works for me. Ann is my stylist, fashion guru, life advisor and friend. Who better to turn to for help in figuring out what to wear while expecting? Here are some of the looks Ann put together for me in my 26th week of pregnancy, using Knit Wit’s summer inventory at its Center City shop.

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Left- What to wear when you want to feel fabulous: NORMA KAMALI jumpsuit, BLUE PACIFIC scarf, MOYNA clutch, BALI necklace. Right- What to wear for dinner down the shore: MUCHE ET MUCHETTE dress, BUCKLE UP straw tote, PRIVATE LABEL BY KNIT WIT necklace

The blue Norma Kamali jumpsuit isn’t made for maternity, but it feels like it is. The center ruching is flattering on my baby bump and it’s made of a soft, stretchy material that’s really comfortable. Not only is this jumpsuit perfect for pregnancy, it’s also sophisticated and fun, especially paired with some fab accessories.

The black off-the-shoulder dress by Muche et Muchette is the epitome of what I want to wear this summer because it’s sweet, sassy and comfortable. This dress and bag can transition from city to beach to boat but I think it’s perfect for dinner at my favorite shore restaurant, Steve & Cookie’s.

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Left- What to wear to when you dont feel like getting dressed: YOUNG FABULOUS & BROKE maxi dress, BALI necklace, CALLEEN CORDERO bag. Right- What to wear on date night: RAMY BROOK top, REBEL bracelet paired with JAMES JEANS Twiggy Maternity Jeans from

Somedays I really don’t feel like getting out of my PJs. This YF&B maxi dress is a great go-to outfit for running errands, grabbing lunch, or enjoying a summer evening. I love the Calleen Cordero bag because it adds a little punk rock to my mama-to-be style.

I have a few of these Ramy Brook Paige tops from my pre-pregnancy days, and continue to wear them while expecting. I pair the silk, sleeveless blouse with my favorite maternity jeans for a polished look when going out to dinner with my husband.

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

What to wear with the ladies who lunch: CALYPSO ST. BARTH dress, SAVE MY BAG Hippy Clutch.

I love the style and print of this dress but I was a little skeptical about trying it on because I wasn’t sure if it would be too tight. Lucky for me it fit really well even with my 26-week bump. This dress is the perfect balance of pretty and proper, fun and flirty and I love pairing it with this cool Italian-made clutch and nude kitten heels.
Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Left- What to wear on the weekend: YOUNG FABULOUS & BROKE maxi dress, CURRENT/ELLIOT jacket, TKEES sandals, PAUL SMITH notebook, PRIVATE LABEL BY KNIT WIT necklace. RIGHT- What to wear for a night out with your girlfriends: NORMA KAMALI jacket, tank and fringe trimmed pants, REBEL earrings.

As I advance into my third trimester, comfort is key but I have no interest in sacrificing style. This YF&B maxi and Current/Elliot jacket are perfect for achieving both. And don’t forget a cute journal for chronicling your pregnancy!

Norma Kamali offers an incredible line of chic pieces made from the most amazing material. These pants are more comfortable than my yoga pants – and way more fun! The outfit is a great option for a night out with friends.

If you’re pregnant and don’t want to ditch your designer duds, are struggling to find things to wear, or have an important event coming up, I highly recommend you look at Knit Wit’s stores in Center City, Bryn Mawr and Margate or shop its online store. You may be surprised at how many non-maternity clothes are great options while expecting. I went to Knit Wit’s store in Margate, NJ a day before my best friend’s wedding in a panic after months of searching for a dress. One of the amazing saleswomen, Theresa, put me in an A.L.C. dress that was sexy, chic and most importantly, comfortable. She saved me from a total crisis and I’ll wear the dress long after I give birth.

Whether or not you’re pregnant, visit Knit Wit at 1729 Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia today through Friday, July 1, mention this article and you’ll receive 10 percent off your purchase. 

 Happy shopping!

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