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Generation Z is more prone to high blood pressure during pregnancy, data shows

Millennials Gen Z hypertension

Women's Health

After years of slight declines, C-sections are increasing again – and the CDC expects the trend to continue

C-section birth rates

Women's Health

Self-managed abortions gain attention, but helpers risk legal trouble

Self-Managed Abortion

Women's Health

How much does it cost to have a baby? About $3,000 – with insurance, analysis finds

The cost of pregnancy

Women's Health

To address racial disparities, IBX is now connecting members to maternal health organizations

Maternal Mortality Disparities


How Independence Blue Cross provides members with pregnancy and postpartum support

Purchased - Mother and baby sleeping

Women's Health

Genetic screening results just got harder to handle under new abortion rules

Genetic Testing Abortion

Children's Health

Super antibodies from pregnant women may help scientists develop new therapies for deadly infections

Pregnant Women Antibodies


How Independence Blue Cross is closing the racial gap in maternal health outcomes

Purchased - Woman Embracing Belly And Holding Small Baby Shoes

Women's Health

Ripple effects of abortion restrictions confuse care for miscarriages

Abortion Pregnancy care

Women's Health

Pregnant women increasingly at risk of being exposed to chemicals that may harm development

Prenatal exposure to harmful chemicals


Could number of out-of-state women seeking abortions in Pennsylvania multiply if Roe v. Wade is overturned?

Pennsylvania out-of-state abortion

Women's Health

Mediterranean-style diet reduces risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women, study finds

Mediterranean diet and preeclampsia


To improve Philly's maternal and infant mortality rates, a collective approach is needed

Maternal Mortality Philadelphia


The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy

Limited - Melinda Bryan Independence Blue Cross

Women's Health

Treating mild hypertension early in pregnancy leads to fewer complications, study finds

Hypertension during pregnancy

Health News

U.S. births continued downward trend in first half of 2021, CDC report shows

U.S. Birth Rate

Women's Health

Why pregnant people were left behind while vaccines moved at ‘warp speed’ to help the masses

Pregnant Women COVID-19 vaccines

Women's Health

Getting vaccinated while pregnant helps protect babies from COVID-19, CDC says

COVID-19 antibodies newborns


Pennsylvania to pilot doula services program for pregnant women at state prison in Lycoming County

Doula Pa Prisons

Women's Health

COVID-19 poses deadly risk to fetuses of unvaccinated pregnant women, researchers say

Stillbirths COVID-19


Tips for facing the challenge of pregnancy during a pandemic

Purchased - Expectant Mother Using Laptop Computer At Home


What you need to know about gestational diabetes and the glucose test

Purchased - Pregnant woman with diabetes

Women's Health

Young adult women are more likely to experience a stroke than men their age, study finds

Stroke risk for young women

Women's Health

Fertility treatment does not increase risk of premature birth, new data suggests

Fertility treatment risks

Health Stories

After years of digestive issues, atypical surgery offers Swarthmore woman relief

Akia McDowell Achalasia

Children's Health

Pandemic poses short- and long-term risks to babies, especially boys

COVID-19 Babies Health

Children's Health

Drinking alcohol while pregnant significantly alters the baby's brain structure, MRIs reveal

Alcohol Brain Development

Women's Health

Getting COVID-19 while pregnant does not affect the baby's brain development, study says

COVID-19 Pregnancy Brain Development


Christina Perri's new lullaby album honors her stillborn daughter

Christina Perri Rosie

Women's Health

Stillbirths are more prevalent since the delta variant emerged, CDC study finds

Pregnancy stillbirths COVID

Women's Health

Racial disparities in preterm birth rates still wide in Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Preterm birth Racial disparities

Women's Health

Drug used to prevent preterm birth may increase cancer risk in offspring, study suggests

Risk of preterm birth

Women's Health

Symptomatic COVID-19 increases chance of C-section delivery, study finds

COVID-19 C-section delivery


A doctor debunks the infertility myth surrounding COVID-19 vaccination

Purchased - Woman Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine Injection Shot In Hospital

Children's Health

Epidurals are not linked to autism in children, new data shows

Epidural and autism link


Penn Medicine to offer childbirth class geared toward LGBTQ+ families

Penn Medicine LGBTQ+ birthing class

Women's Health

For women with infertility, baby boy born through Penn's uterus transplant program is a symbol of hope

Penn Uterus Transplant

Women's Health

Vaccinated pregnant women pass COVID-19 protection to their newborns, data shows

COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy

Women's Health

Trying to lose pregnancy weight? Six tips for effectively shedding baby fat

Pregnancy weight loss


The COVID-19 pandemic has led many couples to pause – or abandon – pregnancy plans, study finds

Family planning COVID-19

Women's Health

Pregnant or worried about infertility? Get vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Infertility

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