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Black women represent more than 70% of Philly's pregnancy-related deaths, report shows

Philly Maternal Mortality

Adult Health

Drug used to prevent miscarriages may increase cancer risk of grown children

OHPC Cancer Risk

Women's Health

Pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19 pass antibodies to babies, data shows

COVID vaccine and pregnancy


The importance of taking prenatal vitamins

Purchased - woman taking prenatal vitamins

Women's Health

Metal exposure linked to pregnancy complications, Rutgers study finds

Metal pregnancy complications

Women's Health

Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine? Medical groups weigh in

Pregnant COVID Vaccine

Women's Health

Pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk for complications, the CDC says

Pregnant women with COVID-19 are at higher risk for complications, the CDC says

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Vitamin D may protect unborn babies from childhood high blood pressure

Vitamin D Pregnancy Benefits

Women's Health

Flu shots given to pregnant women do not increase risk of autism, study finds

Flu vaccination and autism risk

Women's Health

Even a single alcoholic drink during early pregnancy increases miscarriage risk

Alcohol use pregnancy

Women's Health

More women are choosing to delay having children until their 40s — but the choice isn't without risks

Pregnancy after 40

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Pregnant women may pass COVID-19 to their unborn babies, small study says

COVID-19 transmission pregnancy

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Preterm birth increases mother's heart disease risk, study finds

Preterm delivery and heart disease risk

Women's Health

One-third of women say COVID-19 has changed their plans to have children

Pregnancy Guttmacher COVID-19

Women's Health

Pre-existing conditions may be causing more high-risk pregnancies

Millennial women experiencing higher pregnancy complication rates

Women's Health

Earlier diagnosis of gestational diabetes leads to less weight gained during pregnancy, new study finds

gestational diabetes screening

Women's Health

Women with heart disease need specialized care during pregnancy, AHA says

Cardiovascular disease during pregnancy

Adult Health

Infants may hold the key to improving hepatitis C treatment

hepatitis C in infants

Women's Health

Born into a pandemic: Coronavirus complicates births for moms and babies

COVID-19 labor delivery


Supplies for pregnant women, mothers now available at distribution sites in Philly

Philly COVID-19 supplies mothers

Women's Health

Pregnant women should stay home during coronavirus pandemic, Jefferson Health recommends

Jefferson Health releases COVID-19 recommendations for pregnant women

Children's Health

Another reason for pregnant women to get their vitamin D – it may lower the child's risk of developing ADHD

Vitamin D deficiency ADHD association

Women's Health

Most women give birth lying in bed, but is there a better way?

Hospital Birth

Women's Health

Experts offer tips to help pregnant women traveling by air reduce risk of blood clots

Tips for Pregnant Women Flying

Women's Health

Maternal obesity during pregnancy may harm son's motor skills, IQ

Pregnancy Obesity


Ten defining health care achievements of the 2010s, from artificial intelligence to immunotherapy

Affordable Care Act Obama 2010s


Marijuana may delay fetal growth during pregnancy, study finds

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

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U.S. birth rate at lowest level in more than 30 years, CDC says

Newborn Baby 06282019

Children's Health

Babies' frequent hiccups may be tied to brain development, scientists say

Why do babies hiccup so much?


These habits can increase the risk of birth defects

Habits that increase the risk of birth defects


Does taking acetaminophen while pregnant increase chances of a child having ADHD and autism?

Pregnant Woman during third trimester

Women's Health

Chemical exposure in early pregnancy may cause brain development issues in children

Chemical exposure early pregnancy


High lead levels during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity lead exposure

Women's Health

Adverse pregnancy outcomes increase risk of high blood pressure

Pregnancy complications and high blood pressure

Health Insurance

Insurers test new way to cut maternity care costs

Maternity Care Bundled Insurance payments

Women's Health

U.S. abortions fall to lowest total since Roe v. Wade

Abortion total hits lowest figure since Roe v. Wade

Children's Health

Federal health officials to pregnant women, teens: Don't use marijuana

Pregnancy adolescent marijuana use

Women's Health

A high-fat diet during pregnancy may prevent Alzheimer's disease in children

high fat diet alzheimers

Women's Health

Mediterranean diet may be antidote to unhealthy weight gain, gestational diabetes in pregnant women

Mediterranean diet pregnancy

Adult Health

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet may boost fertility for those struggling to conceive

keto diet infertility

Women's Health

Today is #BumpDay: help spread word about rising maternal mortality rates in U.S.

Pregnant woman holding stomach


Maternity Care Coalition helps families adjust to pregnancy, parenting

Maternity Care Coalition Philadelphia Nonprofits

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