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December 18, 2015

California Applebee's waiter returns $32,000 left behind by diners

Customers had left money behind amidst running errands

A California waiter has saved Christmas for one family.

According to police there, a server working at an Applebee's in Fresno did the right thing after finding $32,000 in cash had been left behind at the restaurant, the Fresno Bee reported. The worker turned the money over to Fresno police.

Police in turn gave the money back to Erika Gonzalez and her family on Thursday. Gonzalez, her mother Berta and son Damien had gone to the Applebee's with the loot on Wednesday after first trying to secure the money in a safe-deposit box at a bank but being told there were no boxes available.

The money was the proceeds from Gonzalez's father's restaurant in San Jose and rent collected from properties the family owns, the Bee article said. It was primarily $100 bills and had been packed into a small, navy-blue bag.

“Our hearts dropped,” said Erika Gonzalez, of the moment that she and her mother, Berta Gonzalez, realized the money they intended to put in a bank had been left behind somewhere Wednesday evening.

Then good Samaritan waiter told police he did not wish to be identified.

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