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July 10, 2015

Cherry Hill to be featured in photo collection for Library of Congress

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07102015_CherryHill Carol M. Highsmith's America/Facebook

Barclay Farmstead in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is the first New Jersey municipality to be photographed as part of a project for the United States Library of Congress, the Courier-Post reports.

Photographer Carol Highsmith has been taking pictures of people and places across America for her decades-long project to capture images of 21st-century American life.

She calls Cherry Hill a "quintessential American town."

"I love visiting historic sites across America," she wrote in a Facebook post featuring a photo of Barclay Farmstead. "I always wonder what was it like back in the day when these sites were built. I recently visited the town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey where Barclay Farmstead was still going strong and well-maintained. It is a beautiful example of our heritage." 

During her one-day visit last week, Highsmith traveled to several of Cherry Hill’s iconic landmarks, including Barclay Farmstead, Croft Farms, the Cherry Hill Public Library and Cherry Hill Mall.

“Unfortunately, I had to visit before the cherry trees were in bloom," she told the Courier-Post. "Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch them next year."

Highsmith has shot more than 30,000 images from each of the 50 states since 1992. Her collection is among the top six collections out of the 15 million in the Library’s Prints and Photographs archive.

Highsmith hopes to shoot photos in other municipalities throughout New Jersey.

To view Highsmith’s portfolio of work, visit her website.