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July 07, 2017

Chris Christie to audition for sports radio gig

New Jersey's governor may have a radio job waiting for him when he leaves office in January.

Gov. Chris Christie is set to sit in as a guest host on sports-talk station WFAN 660-AM New York for "audition days" Monday and Tuesday afternoons, a station spokeswoman told in a Thursday report.

Christie will fill in for afternoon host Mike Francesa, who is set to leave the station after a 30-year career there at the end of the year. The governor is set to host the show from 2-6:30 p.m. alongside Evan Roberts, a host at the station.

Christie, who has reportedly said he has an interest in sports broadcasting, regularly fills in as a co-host on WFAN's morning program, "Boomer and Carton."

The auditions would take place a week after Christie and state legislators agreed on a state budget, but not before Christie partially shut down the state's government on June 30. He added fuel to the fire last weekend when photographed Christie lounging with his family on Island Beach State Park, which was closed to the public due to the shutdown.

Christie defended his actions, saying he simply kept his pre-shutdown plans to spend the weekend with his family at the state beach house now reserved for the governor.

But the "beachgate" controversy sparked new legislation this week, with Democratic Assemblyman John Wisnieski introducing a bill that would let the public rent the house. A second proposed bill would prevent the beach house to be used by the governor during a state shutdown.