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August 11, 2023

Dock Street Brewing's newest beer is an Indian-inspired tart lime ale

Shikanji Gose is the result of a collaboration with AAJI's, a Philly-area company that sells traditional tomato lonsa and spices

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Dock Street Shikanji Gose Provided image/Dock Street Brewing Company

Dock Street' Brewing Co.'s newest beer, the Shikanji Gose, will be available in four-backs and on draft at the brewpub's two locations beginning Wednesday, Aug. 16.

On a hot summer day, locals in Agra or Dehli might enjoy a shikanji, a beverage sometimes called "Indian lemonade." Made with lemon or lime juice and spices like black pepper and cumin, the drink is native to northern India and Pakistan — but it's coming to Philadelphia next week through a special Dock Street Brewing Co. release.

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Shikanji Gose, the brewery's latest beer, is a collaboration with the Indian food purveyor AAJI's, which sells spices and spreads at farmers markets and select shops in the Philadelphia region. Inspired by traditional shikanji, the gose is a 4% ABV tart lime ale brewed with fresh ginger, lime puree and juice, and black and Nepalese Timut peppercorns. It will be available on draft and in four-packs at both Dock Street locations starting Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Visitors to Dock Street South will get a little something extra in the form of a special AAJI's-inspired menu. From 5-8 p.m., the brewpub will serve a marinated chicken and feta pizza and a vegan pie, both baked with AAJI's flagship tomato lonsa, a spiced base or spread. Seared shrimp skewers, seasoned with AAJI's new Chum Chum spice, also will be available. AAJI's will be on site selling 8 ounce tubs of the lonsa and bottles of the spice on Wednesday evening.

Dock Street South special AAJI's menu features two pizzas and shrimp skewersProvided image/Dock Street Brewing Company

Dock Street South's special collaborative menu features pizzas made with AAJI's tomato lonsa and shrimp seasoned with AAJI's new Chum Chum spice.

AAJI's was founded in Philadelphia in 2021. Named after the matriarch of the family — "aaji" means "grandmother" in Marathi — the company launched with a lonsa based on her recipe. It is now sold in classic, spicy, garlic and spicy garlic varieties.

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