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August 19, 2023

Jalen Hurts watch: How did QB1 fare in Day 13 of Eagles training camp?

Jalen Hurts and the first-team offense were back at it Saturday with a focus on situational football and clock management.

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8.6.23_EaglesPractice_Jalen-Hurts-1161.jpg Colleen Claggett/For PhillyVoice

Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles performs a drill during practice at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa. on August 6, 2023.

The Eagles were back at it in pads down at the NovaCare Complex Saturday morning following Thursday night's preseason game against the Browns and then a few roster transactions

The day was kept pretty brief, with an emphasis on situational football and clock management toward the end, but like with every practice, we kept a tab on every Jalen Hurts pass. 

So here's the play-by-play for QB1 and the first-team offense from Day 13 of training camp:

*Note that the Eagles chose to practice on the field at the far-right end of the NovaCare Complex on Saturday, which left fans and media both with a tougher vantage point, so some plays might not be all that descriptive (the media was only allowed up as far as the 30-yard line by the south end zone).

Set 1

11-on-11s from midfield

Play 1: Hurts begins the day with a quick out to Dallas Goedert.

Play 2: Hurts rifles a pass over the middle to DeVonta Smith, with Darius Slay on him in coverage, but the ball bounces right off Smith's chest and up into the air. Slay and Smith both chase after it, but Slay wins the race and comes down with it. Interception.

Play 3: A run play for Kenny Gainwell.

Play 4: Hurts throws to A.J. Brown, who is waiting left on a shallow sit, but the pass gets tipped by Jalen Carter at the line. Incomplete.

Play 5: Hurts completes a pass over the middle to Goeder for chunk yardage. Offense runs hurry up. 

Play 6: On play action, Hurts rolls left and keeps running for a few quick yards.

Play 7: Hurts hits Brown in the flat for a yard, two at most.

Play 8: Hurts takes the snap and Josh Sweat immediately rushes in off the edge to touch him for the "sack." Hurts tries to at least finish the play with a heater of a pass over the middle to Smith, but that ball bounces right off Smith's hands.

• Hurts' line: 3/5, INT, run, "sack."

Set 2

7-on-7s from DEF 40

Play 9: A pump fake and then a check to Brown for short yardage.

Play 10: Hurts threads one between linebackers Nakobe Dean and Zach Cunningham through the middle to Swift for first-down yardage.

Play 11: A shallow post to A.J. Brown for a few quick yards. Looked routine, which it really is at this point. 

Play 12: Smith, post over the middle, complete. First down.

Play 13: With the ball spotted at the defense's 25, Hurts tries to loft one over to Brown along the left sideline with James Bradberry on him. Hurts was aiming to put it on Brown's back shoulder, but instead Brown had to turn awkwardly to even get a hand on it. That's about all he could do though. Incomplete.

Play 14: Hurts to Brown on another shallow post. Offense hurries while the ball is moved up to the 20.

Play 15: Hurts zips one to Goedert over Christian Elliss for a score.

Play 16: Running it back from the 17, Hurts goes for Goedert again over the middle at the goal line, but the ball was put behind the tight end, who couldn't fully reach back for it. Incomplete.

• Hurts' line: 6/8 with a TD.

Set 3

11-on-11s with the offense pinned deep in their own territory

*This is where the media's vantage point really gets obscured, making it difficult to gauge general yardage.

• Play 17: A run to Boston Scott to buy some space.

• Play 18: Scott breaks out from the backfield and cuts across the middle. Hurts finds him with space, but Scott couldn't get a hold of it. Incomplete.

• Play 19: Hurts looks, rolls right, then keeps on going for a few yards.

• Play 20: D'Andre Swift takes a run out to the right.

• Play 21: Goedert breaks toward the left sideline and Hurts gets it to him for the completion.

• Play 22: A run to Gainwell gets stood up at the line of scrimmage.

• Play 23: Hurts looks, starts backpedaling left, then rockets a pass in Olamide Zaccheaus' general direction. The ball bounced off someone's helmet and fell incomplete. Weird-looking play.

• Play 24: Hurts to Smith on a shallow post underneath Slay.

• Play 25: A screen to Goedert goes for a yard or two.

• Play 26: Swift gets the handoff and carries the ball wide to the right, then makes a few cuts for a few extra yards to end the set.

• Hurts' line: 3/5 with a run.

Set 4

11-on-11s from OFF 40

Nick Sirianni grabs a megaphone and calls out a scenario: The offense is up 17-13 with 4 minutes left, the defense has two timeouts, a clock-killing scenario basically. So with that in mind...

Play 27: Hurts rolls right and out of bounds. "2 and 11" shouts Sirianni.

Play 28: Hurts runs right and out of bounds again. 3:09 left on the clock.

Play 29: On play action, Hurts takes off right again, this time for a good chunk. 3:00 left.

Play 30: The offense runs a pitch to Gainwell, and that takes the clock down to 2:53 as Sirianni calls "2nd and 5."

Play 31: Gainwell gets the ball again, follows a block, and breaks free into the open field with a clear path straight to the end zone. He lets up on the assumption that the play is over, but Sirianni yells "Unless you hear no mas, it ain't no f***kin' mas, keep running!"

Play 32: Hurts rolls right and hits Gainwell on a check down to end the day.

• Hurts' line: 1/1 with three runs in clock management mode.

• Total line:  13/19 with a TD, INT, and "sack."

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