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October 10, 2023

What they're saying: No one closes out games better than the Eagles

The Eagles are 5-0, Jalen Carter is a force, and the Cowboys and Giants got crushed.

The Eagles beat the Rams to remain undefeated at 5-0. 

There are still problems to solve, but in the meantime, the team keeps finding ways to win in spite of them and has continually looked better with each passing week. 

They're not perfect, but then again, they don't have to be. What they're doing right now is effective, especially when it comes to controlling the clock and closing games out. 

Here's what they're saying about the Birds after Sunday's win out in Los Angeles... 

All-Star Closers

Ben Solak | The Ringer

Do the Eagles have flaws? Yes. 

Are they operating as the same well-oiled, point-scoring machine from 2022? Not entirely. 

Are they still winning? Yes. 

And at this point, the most dangerous thing you can do is leave the Eagles with any type of lead going into the second half, because if they've proven anything so far, especially after Sunday, they will absolutely take full control of the clock and leave you with nothing. 

Wrote Ben Solak from his Week 5 takeaways:

But man, Hurts and the Eagles just win. They’ve been far from a perfect team this season—they spent most of Sunday’s game arguing with one another on the sideline, for goodness’ sake!

And through all of the issues, the Eagles have just slowly and steadily been playing better and better football as they shake off the Super Bowl hangover. Offensively, this was their best game of the season by both success rate (per play) and expected points added (per drive); defensively, it looked sketchy early, but they circled the wagons for a dominant second half.

I continue to be impressed by how well the Eagles close out games. No team is better at sitting on a lead—not by just running the ball mindlessly into a three-and-out, but by controlling the clock and moving methodically down the field. Against the Rams, the Eagles had three scoring drives of at least 12 plays. That level of sustained, mistake-free football is hard to find—though, of course, having a fourth-and-1 cheat code certainly helps. [The Ringer]

Elite Company

Sunday's win in Los Angeles was Jalen Hurts' 11th straight on the road. 

And as NBC10's John Clark pointed out, the only other QBs to have accomplished that same feat in the past several decades are a handful that are among the best of the best.

And look before you make your Tony Romo jokes – because I know you will – do try to remember that, postseason lack of success aside, he was a good quarterback.

Hey, speaking of the Cowboys...

NFC East Check


Let's check in on the Giants while we're at it...

Not gonna lie, kinda looking forward to the next New York radio rant after this one.

Tale of the Tape

Let's wrap up with a quick film breakdown of Jalen Carter's day by way of longtime analyst Brian Baldinger:

Carter recorded two sacks of Matthew Stafford on the way to the Week 5 win, giving him 3.5 in total through his first five games, all while making clips of him just tearing right through opposing O-lines look increasingly more routine – and he's doing all this as a rookie. 

"It's over, BAM," Baldinger said over the tape. "[Carter] is coming, and he's coming fast. The breadman is in Philly!"

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