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January 30, 2023

Empire State Building lights up green for Eagles in brutal self-own

The Empire State Building lit up with the colors of each team to advance to Super Bowl LVII Sunday night, but Eagles green has to sting for Giants fans.

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Empire-State-Building-Eagles Kevin R. Wexle/USA Today

A bird flying in view of New York's City Empire State Building.

New York hasn't seen a sports championship since 2011 and it appears that they now have to turn to other cities' triumphs for any sense of a guiding light.

After the Eagles' NFC Championship Game win over the 49ers, the iconic Empire State Building lit up green in honor of the Birds:

The building was later sporting a shade of red after Kansas City won the AFC Championship Game, so I get it, but just imagine you're a Giants fan. The Eagles beat them three times this season, including a 38-7 playoff slaughtering last week. Daniel Jones was hyped up and came crashing down to earth in the face of Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham and a fierce Eagles defense. Nick Sirianni coached circles around New York's Brian Daboll, the likely Coach of the Year winner. 

I get that Philly isn't New York (I mean that in the best way possible), but what if Boat House Row was lit up blue after the Cowboys or Giants made the Super Bowl? Fans climbing telephone poles would be the least of the city's worries. 

The city, North Jersey, the Mara family and every single fan should feel a pang of embarrassment that will cut even deeper after every Eagles win over the Giants going forward (there will be lots of them because they own that franchise). 

The New York Post? Not happy!

Scratch what I said above. After this, the Eagles are actually 4-0 against New York this season. 

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