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November 27, 2017

Eagles' point differential points to Super Bowl appearance

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After their four consecutive blowout wins, the Philadelphia Eagles lead the NFL in point differential, at +160. Only five teams in the NFL have a point differential of +100 or better, with the Los Angeles Rams the closest team to the Eagles, at +123.

After Week 12 of the regular season, the Eagles are on pace for a point differential of +233, which would be the 12th-best point differential in the Super Bowl era. If the Eagles are able to keep that pace, they would be in the company of some of the best teams in NFL history.

 Rank TeamPoint differential Result 
 1 2007 Patriots+315 Lost in Super Bowl 
 2 1999 Rams+284 Won Super Bowl 
 3 1991 Redskins+261  Won Super Bowl 
 4 1998 Vikings+260 Lost in NFCCG 
 5 1985 Bears+258 Won Super Bowl 
 6 1968 Colts+258  Lost in Super Bowl
 7 1984 49ers+248  Won Super Bowl
 8 1996 Packers+246 Won Super Bowl 
 9 1969 Vikings+246  Lost in Super Bowl
 10 1968 Cowboys+245  Lost in first round of playoffs
 11 1967 Raiders+235  Lost in Super Bowl
 12 2001 Rams+230  Lost in Super Bowl
 13 2012 Patriots+226  Lost in AFCCG
 14 1968 Raiders+220  Lost in AFL Championship
 15 1984 Dolphins+215 Lost in Super Bowl 
 16 1972 Dolphins+214  Won Super Bowl
 17 1975 Steelers+211  Won Super Bowl
 18 1973 Rams+210  Lost in first round of playoffs
 19 1994 49ers+209  Won Super Bowl
 20 1983 Redskins+209  Won Super Bowl

In the chart above, 15 of the top 20 finishers in point differential during the Super Bowl era eventually went on to play in the Super Bowl. Nine won it all.

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