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June 13, 2015

Escape the '80s attraction coming to Passyunk Avenue

Long-vacant space at 1804 East Passyunk Ave. is getting an '80s makeover

The basic idea behind "escape the room" games is to sleuth and interact with objects to solve a riddle of imprisonment, however their popularity has led to the creation of real-life scenarios that are played out in specially designed settings, not to be at all confused with what's going on in upstate New York (but definitely in line with New York City's trend).

Philly residents looking to test their cultural logic in one of these games, and have a blast in the process, are in for a treat. According to the Passyunk Post, a long-vacant space at 1804 East Passyunk Ave. is getting an '80s makeover and is expected to open in mid-July.

Just like any other escape the room-type attraction, you’ll be trapped in a space with anywhere between two and ten people. You’ll then have to work together and find clues in the space to get out within 60 minutes. Most other escape the room attractions are meant to be scary, but the creator of this attraction, Elisabeth Garson, wants to do something more fun.

Garson's 1,500-square-foot space will have multiple themed rooms including an '80s mall, a game room, and a travel agency, among others. There will also reportedly be a steady stream of musical hits from the decade and, of course, your standard Cabbage Patch kids, walkie talkies and VHS units. Fingers crossed on Ecto Cooler juice boxes and a station for charm necklaces.

Prizes for successful escapees may include free beer vouchers for local establishments and Whatchamacallit candy bars.

The Escape the Eighties website is currently in development, but can be visited here.