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September 27, 2019

Exorcise your monsters with 2nd Sanctuary, a new multi-experience Halloween adventure

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Limited - 2nd Sanctuary - Main Ted Lieverman/For PhillyVoice

Brian Sanders and his acclaimed JUNK troupe has been busy gearing up to debut 2nd Sanctuary, featuring an urban labyrinth, escape room, Virtual Reality, and dance performance. It’s the newest fall sensation that is a far from the typical Halloween gore and surprises.

2nd Sanctuary is one of the largest projects Sanders has worked on, bringing five unique experiences into one historic venue — an abandoned 19th-century Victorian church in the Graduate Hospitality neighborhood. 2nd Sanctuary will be open for a limited time only, Thursdays through Sundays, October 3rd through November 3rd.

“We are going to be opening up new areas of this profound complex and exploring all different parts of the building that haven’t been open since 1976,” said Brian Sanders, artistic director of JUNK. “We’re going to find all kinds of interesting stories, ideas and adventure inside of this space.”

“All of this is going to be about Halloween and what it’s like to exorcise our own monsters, and the Rite of Fall,” Sanders said. “There’s a sense of spirit here that lives. You get here, and you feel it.”

2nd Sanctuary will have three paid experiences, with two included with every ticket purchase. Guests can choose a single experience, or combine multiple experiences for discounted packages. Tickets to this limited-time supernatural extravaganza are available at .

Limited - 2nd Sanctuary - Dancing DeadTed Lieverman/For PhillyVoice

Here’s what to expect:

Phantom Portal VR Telecom Tour

Virtual Reality combined with live action and immersive theater bring you down a rabbit hole into a one-of-a-kind, mind-bending adventure, full of thrills and nostalgia. (Note: One piece of Virtual Reality content contains partial nudity.)

Dancing Dead Live

A trippy, witty dance with the undead is the story of an old man dancing with death and watching his friends pass on. It’s walking dead, easy listening style, with the sweet soundtrack of the 70s.

Zoltan’s Zarkade Escape Room

Solve the mystery of the disappearance of Kid Scout Troop 244 in 1975 before you succumb to the dark forces that abducted them. Designed by John Bezark and Steel Owl Productions.

Labyrinth of the Stone Cold Heart

Try to find your way out of this multi-sensory, diabolical indoor maze to continue your 2nd Sanctuary adventure. This includes heavy use of music, strobe and other lighting, and fog. It may not be suitable for all visitors. Access to the Labyrinth is included with admission.

Zombie Disco

Zombie Disco is open to the public. Celebrate the night disco died while enjoying gritty potions of the era. There is a bar available, and alcohol is for guests 21 and older with proper ID. Zombie attire encouraged! Impress the bartender and you may win a free drink!

All three ticketed experiences are timed. All tickets include access to the Labyrinth of the Stone Cold Heart and the Zombie Disco.
Thursdays through Sundays
October 3rd through November 3rd
Prices Vary
2040 Christian Street
Philadelphia PA

Princeton, N.J., native Brian Sanders founded JUNK in 1997 after many independent projects as a choreographer. JUNK has since become a nationally recognized troupe performing domestically, internationally, and regularly in the Philadelphia region.