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February 18, 2023

Cherry Hill residents are being targeted by an FBI phone scam

Callers are saying that there’s a federal warrant out for potential victim's arrest, which will be thrown out if they make a payment

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Cherry Hill FBI scams Google Streetview/for PhillyVoice

The FBI's Philadelphia regional agency is warning South New Jersey residents about a scam impersonating the law enforcement bureau to get money. The caller often knows the name, background, and personal cell phone number of the intended victim

A new scam is targeting South Jersey residents to steal money.

The FBI's Philadelphia bureau is warning Cherry Hill residents that con artists are impersonating the law enforcement agency and telling people that there are federal warrants for their arrest; however, if they send money, they can avoid jail.

The fraudulent caller often knows the name, background, and other personal information, like the addresses of the person they are trying to scam, making it more believable. 

People are reporting that they have lost money, gift cards, and personal information. 

To avoid falling victim to the scam, the FBI says people should be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, never give money or personal information to anyone they do not know or did not initiate the exchange with, and trust their instincts if things seem too good to be true.

The FBI will never reach out by phone asking for money.

"For years, FBI field offices across the country have received reports of similar calls, showing local FBI phone numbers," a statement from the FBI said. "The caller says they're an FBI agent and demands money — for school loans, back taxes, even unpaid parking tickets."

In December, Federal U.S. Marshal Services and the FBI in the Philadelphia area warned residents of scams involving impersonating a Customs and Border Protection officer. Victims were told the CBP has obtained illegal substances sent from Mexico or Colombia addressed to the victims.

Anyone who has been frauded by the scam should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.