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June 13, 2017

Heads up New Jersey: Important change made to driver's licenses

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New Jersey driver's licenses Motor Vehicle Commission/Sen. Anthony Bucco

Samples of New Jersey driver's licenses.

New Jersey motorists will now have less time to get their driver's licenses renewed.

Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Friday that changes the four-year expiration date of licenses from the last day of the month to an individual's birthday.

The goal is to make lines at the Motor Vehicle Commission offices shorter. Lawmakers hope the new policy will space out those trying to get their new licenses on the last possible day.

“When everyone’s licenses expire at the end of the month, it can put a real strain on everyone involved, both customers and employees," said state Sen. Anthony Bucco, R-Morris, one of the bill's main sponsors.

Bucco said the staggered expiration dates will make things more efficient.

“If we can do this, and get more people to take advantage of our online renewal system, we can make the experience of getting a license a little easier."

MVC officials still encourage drivers to get their business done during off-peak hours to avoid congestion and long wait times at their offices.