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December 21, 2017

Watch the best TV news bloopers of 2017

Media Humor
New Bloopers News Be Funny/YouTube

YouTube channel News Be Funny is a steady source for hilarious media bloopers.

In 2017, much the news media found itself locked in a mortal showdown with President Donald Trump.

For a while it was an amusing dynamic, especially when mediated by Sean Spicer and "Saturday Night Live," but as we approach one year into the new administration, the redeeming humor has lost most of its bite. Even the president's apparent denture problems during an important foreign policy speech this month seemed blase by Trump standards.

American politics is ultimately not a laughing matter.

What do we need to end this trying year? How about fifteen minutes of TV news bloopers? Who doesn't love them?

In a shocking snub, FOX29's Mike Jerrick blurting out that Kellyanne Conway is "good at bull****" didn't make the cut. It doesn't matter. 2017 was a special year for bloopers. Enjoy the mayhem.