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April 25, 2023

The highest paid athletes in Philadelphia

Jalen Hurts, within three years, has landed himself generational wealth that will change his life forever.

He also set the market in the NFL for young stud quarterbacks, with his deal coming in at $255 million over five years. He's (for now at least) the highest-paid athlete in the NFL. 

But he's actually not the highest-paid pro in the city of Philadelphia. 

We've ranked the top 15 highest-paid Philly athletes by their average annual earnings below. But first, here's a look at the biggest contracts as a whole currently under term:

AthleteTotal contractUntil
Bryce Harper$330,000,0002032
Trea Turner$300,000,000
 Jalen Hurts$255,000,000
Joel Embiid$210,112,000
Tobias Harris$180,000,000
Zack Wheeler$118,000,000
J.T. Realmuto$115,500,000
A.J. Brown$100,000,0002027
Nick Castellanos$100,000,000

That makes nine $100 million men in the city — which seems like a lot. Over a billion dollars in contracts has been spent locally over the last few years.

Here's how it breaks down on a yearly basis:

1. Joel Embiid, Sixers center

29 years old | $52,528,000 per season

Embiid is under the NBA's supermax contract and it happens to pay him a hair above Hurts per season. He's going to be the NBA's MVP — hard to complain about what he's being paid.

2. Jalen Hurts, Eagles quarterback

24 years old | $51,000,000 per season

Hurts' contract was lucrative but it is not all guaranteed — however his $179.304 million is the highest in guarantees in NFL history as well (just around 70% of his total contract). He could be the next local star to win an MVP (and maybe should have last year).

3. Tobias Harris, Sixers power forward 

30 years old | $36,000,000 per season

Is it painful to learn that Harris is number three on this list? He's signed for the max but only for one more season after this upcoming one.

4. James Harden, Sixers shooting guard 

33 years old | $34,320,000 per season

Harden took a discount when he returned to Philly this past offseason to help the team sign P.J. Tucker and others, but he remains in the top 5 in earnings.

5. Trea Turner, Phillies shortstop 

29 years old | $27,272,727 per season

Turner's monster contract was inked just this past offseason and he'll be here playing shortstop until he's close to 40.

6. Bryce Harper, Phillies right fielder 

30 years old | $25,384,615 per season

Harper has already made his contract seem worth it, winning an MVP in the city and leading them to the World Series last year.

7. A.J. Brown, Eagles wide receiver

25 years old | $25,000,000 per season

Acquired via draft night trade last April, Brown might be the number two reason the Eagles' offense was among the league's best last season.

8. Zack Wheeler, Phillies starting pitcher 

32 years old | $23,600,000 per season

With fellow ace Aaron Nola likely to walk in free agency next fall, the Phillies are guaranteed at least one more year of annual Cy Young candidate Wheeler.

9. J.T. Realmuto, Phillies catcher

32 years old | $23,100,000 per season

Realmuto remains the best catcher in baseball but entering his mid-30s might there finally be some dropoff in his performance?

10. Lane Johnson, Eagles right tackle

32 years old | $20,187,500 per season

The Eagles have the best offensive line in the NFL and Lane Johnson is one of the biggest reasons why.

The next five:

11. Nick Castellanos (Phillies), 31, $20,000,000 per season

12. Kyle Schwarber (Phillies), 30, $19,750,000 per season

13. Taijuan Walker (Phillies), 30 $18,000,000 per season

14. Jordan Mailata (Eagles), 26, $16,000,000 per season

15. Dallas Goedert (Eagles), 28, $14,250,000 per season

Honorable mention:

Sean Couturier is the highest-paid Flyer, making $7.75 million annually as part of his eight-year, $62 million deal.

Mikael Uhre paces the Philly Union and is set to make just over $1.5 million this season.

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