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August 03, 2016

Iconic South Jersey diner closes abruptly

Closed for renovation or for good?

A “closed for renovation” sign reportedly appeared on the door outside Geets Diner on Black Horse Pike in Williamstown, New Jersey, around lunchtime on Monday.

But the diner may be experiencing more than some sprucing up – it may actually be closed for good. reports NJK Hospitality LLC, which owns the 75-year-old establishment, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2015. As of Monday morning, the petition was converted to Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, the report said.

A history of the diner notes Geets was opened as “a small truck stop in 1942” by Jim Sylvester and was sold as a 2.11-acre property to NJK Hospitality LLC in 2005 at the cost of $2.13 million. In 2008, the current owners added on a sports bar. 

On social media, devoted customers posted messages of shock and sadness over the closure.