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October 20, 2016

Joel Embiid trolls Ben Simmons during debate

'He's gonna deport you...'

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Donald Trump's plan to crack down on illegal immigration focuses almost solely on stopping people from Mexico from coming across the border. But what about Australians?

Sixers rookie Ben Simmons, a native Aussie, gave his thoughts on the Republican presidential nominee during the debate Wednesday night. His verdict: Not a fan.

But that might not have been such a good idea, his teammate Joel "The Process" Embiid warned. After all, Simmons could be sent back to his homeland if Trump gets elected.

For worried Sixers fans who may have feared they could lose their No. 1 overall pick with a Trump administration, Simmons clarified by responding that he was a dual citizen.

Embiid might need to be worried himself. After all, as a native of Cameroon, it's a surprise Trump hasn't asked for his long-form birth certificate.

In all seriousness, the finally healthy center's A+ Twitter game has continued to earn him notoriety, including a recent interview with ESPN's Kevin Negandhi — a Philly native and Sixers fan — about his social media savvy.

Keep doin' you, JoJo.

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