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October 06, 2017

Lewis Black is back to storm the stage with comic fury

The comic assails Donald Trump but also details how we can all lead a blissful existence

Lewis Black will talk politics, as expected, when the venerable comic performs tonight and tomorrow at the Borgata in Atlantic City and again on October 27 at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. 

Black 69, promises to not just rap about Donald Trump.

"It's difficult not to just focus on Trump since it's great fodder," Black said while calling from his Manhattan apartment. 

"I can see why anyone, liberal or conservative, talks about him. He's in the news all of the time."

But that's the way it's been for much of Black's life.

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"I spent 40 years with him living in my face in this city," Black said. "New Yorkers detest Trump so much that nine out of 10 New Yorkers wouldn’t vote for him.

"I would rather vote for a porpoise for President than for Donald Trump. When you’re President, you’re supposed to be a role model. Like them or loathe them, each of the presidents who preceded Trump were that or appear that way in comparison with him. But this guy is more concerned about the NFL than the devastation in Puerto Rico. I don’t get it."

Black has been touring the world and has noted the reaction from those outside the country regarding the commander in chief.

"The Canadians are looking at us like, ‘Hey what is the matter with you Americans?" Black said. "They’re saying ‘Grow the f**k up as a country.’ Some people here slam Canadians, but we should pay attention. Canada is a good, functioning society that takes care of each other."

However, Black, a socialist, believes that a majority of Americans will not vote for his 2016 candidate, Bernie Sanders, if he decides to run in 2020.

"He’s Jewish and a socialist," Black said. "The only other strike against him would be if he had tits."

Black, like a number of other celebrated comics, such as Rodney Dangerfield and Redd Foxx, hit his stride in mid-life. During his salad days, he wasn't delivering political stand-up. A generation ago, Black was a struggling playwright/actor who lived for the plays he produced, which were staged at Manhattan's West Bank Cafe Downstairs Theatre Bar.

"We did more new, one-act plays than any other venue in America, much to no one's interest," Black cracked. 

"But, it was great. Even though I had no extra money, I looked forward to every day since it was always fun. I loved my job then and I love my job now. I just get paid much more today. Back then I had enough money to live on and it was all right."

The longtime "Daily Show' correspondent believes part of the secret to life is working a job that is enjoyable.

"I think it all has to do with a job that doesn't feel like work," Black says. "But most people think that money makes it for everyone.

When Robin [Williams], who was a great guy, died. I heard, 'If he had all of that money, how could he kill himself?' Well, if you have all of the money in the world, you still have to live with yourself. I'm not sure if it was a combination of being bipolar and having Parkinson's [that] made him do it. Who knows? All I know is that having money doesn't make you happy."

Black is fine being at his most popular in his twilight years. 

"It's absolutely fine," Black said. "The only difference between being very successful 30 years ago and now is that I need to take a nap to enjoy it."

Lewis Black appears Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 and 7, at the Borgata, 1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City. Tickets are $65 and $75. Show time is 9 p.m. For more information, call 609-317-1000 or click here. He appears October 27 at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center, 77 Sands Blvd., Bethlehem. Tickets are $42.50. Show time is 8 p.m. For more information on that show, call 610-297-74714 or click here