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July 24, 2022

New lunch lady-inspired menu at MilkBoy South Street features different meal each day

Visitors can also check out the 'K-Pop,' the South Philly restaurant's Burger of the Month, made with kimchi, fried egg, and Korean chili mayo

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MilkBoy South Street Courtesy of/Max Mester

MilkBoy South Street recently debuted an all-new daily menu of specials, inspired by the grade school cafeteria. Each day, check out a new featured menu offering, from a chicken parm hoagie to a flatbread pizza with chorizo, all for $14.95.

MilkBoy South Street, one of South Philadelphia's popular restaurant destinations, is set to debut a menu of daily specials with inspiration from elementary school cafeterias. 

The "Lunch Lady Special" features seven days of recurring all-day menu offerings. The menu changes daily, so be sure to check back on the same day each week for your favorite foods. Each menu offering is $14.95, and will be served on aluminum lunch trays for an "elevated" cafeteria experience. 

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"The goal with Lunch Lady Special is to encourage our guests to return to MilkBoy South Street frequently and try something new and exciting," said Chef Yun Fuentes, culinary director of MilkBoy Philly and MilkBoy South Street. "This program also builds community, as certain guests will gravitate towards the weekday that their preferred special is being served week after week."

Yuentes and the entire MilkBoy team has also added more hamburgers, waffle fries, and other side dishes to its full line of offerings, with a focus on the "Hit Single," MilkBoy's effort to craft the perfect burger. 

MilkBoy Lunch Lady SpecialCourtesy of/Max Mester

MilkBoy South Street's new food options are meant to encourage visitors to return each week for their favorite special on the menu. Those who want to try out the 'Lunch Lady Special' can check the daily specials and see what's being offered in addition to the full, burger-focused menu.

The full "Lunch Lady Special" menu is listed below. 

Monday: Grande Nachos El Gringo: Nacho chips, seasoned ground beef, melted cheese, salsa verde, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, queso fresco 
Tuesday: Chicken Fajita Platter: Grilled chicken breast, peppers, onion, served with flour tortilla and condiments like pico de gallo and salsa verde
Wednesday: Hot Honey Bao Chicken Sliders: Steam bao buns, kimchi, spicy mayo, fried chicken, hot honey sauce
Thursday: Chicken Parm Hoagie: Breaded chicken cutlets, marinara, provolone, parmesan, mozzarella, served on hoagie roll with long hots
Friday: Flatbread Pizza with Chorizo: Garlic naan bread, mozzarella, tomato sauce, chorizo, red onions
Saturday: Crabby Patty Sandwich: Double decker seeded bun sandwich, avocado ranch, two fried crab cakes, lettuce, tomato, guacamole
Sunday: Brunch Burger: Smashed style hamburger, French toast bun, bourbon maple aioli, cheddar/bacon/onion omelet, served with a side of hash browns

MilkBoy Lunch Lady MenuCourtesy of/Max Mester

MilkBoy's new 'Brunch Burger,' served on Sundays, is made with a smashed style burger, French toast bun, bourbon maple aioli, omelet, and served with a hash brown.

In addition to the new menu, visitors are encouraged to try out July's Burger of the Month. This month, check out the "K-Pop" burger, made with American cheese, kimchi, fried egg, and Korean chili mayo. 

You can get involved in choosing the next Burger of the Month offering by building your own burger at MilkBoy South Street, posting it on Instagram, and tagging @milkboysouthstreet. Winners will receive a $25 gift card and be featured as the burger of the month. 

Lunch Lady Special

Open daily
Sunday to Tuesday 11 a.m. until 12 a.m., Wednesday to Saturday 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. | $14.95
MilkBoy South Street
401 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19147