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July 14, 2017

Subject of new Barnes Foundation exhibit is North Philly cowboys

'Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders' is currently on view

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Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders Courtesy Mohamed Bourouissa and Kamel Mennour, Paris/London/Barnes Foundation

Still from "Horse Day," 2015.

"Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders" is currently on view at The Barnes Foundation. The exhibit, which features over 80 works, has already gained acclaim in Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Now, it is making its U.S. debut.

Back in 2014, French-Algerian artist Bourouissa came to Philly to work on his first U.S. project. He dived into a North Philadelphia community and made the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club his project's focus.

"Working primarily with representations of a contemporary urban environment, [Bourouissa] is interested in the stereotypes associated with geographic and social spaces. Inspired by painting and contemporary photography, his works interweave fictional and documentary threads," according to the exhibit description on The Barnes Foundation website.

"Urban Riders" includes a film on one particular horseback riding event in 2014, which Bourouissa has named "Horse Day." 

The film shows "extravagantly costumed young riders and their decorated mounts as fantastic figures, transcending their economic circumstances."

The exhibit will be on display through Monday, Oct. 2.

"Mohamed Bourouissa: Urban Riders"

Through Monday, Oct. 2
$10-$25 per person
The Barnes Foundation
2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy