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January 28, 2016

New Eagles defensive line coach Chris Wilson is 'crazy,' per one of his old players

MOBILE, Ala. -- Most defensive line coaches are crazy, from Jerry Azzinaro screaming "More violence!" at his players during practice, or Jim Washburn using language that would make Charles Manson blush. It seems that new Eagles defensive line coach Chris Wilson is no different.

"He's one of the craziest coaches I know," said OLB Jordan Jenkins, whose face lit up when Wilson's name was mentioned during an interview with PhillyVoice at the Senior Bowl. "He just gets after it. His coaching style is that if you're not playing up to par he's going to let you know. He enjoys the game of football and loves pass rushing. He's crazy."

Jenkins played for Wilson at Georgia during his sophomore year in 2013, and while he didn't technically play on the defensive line, he was often in on DL meetings. Jenkins attributed many of his pass rush techniques to Wilson, who has also coached top 12 overall picks in Gerald McCoy, Fletcher Cox, and Leonard Williams.

Also like your typical NFL defensive line coach, while he'll scream at players on the field, he'll love them off it.

"He loves players off the field, really cares about his players off the field, and he likes to see his players succeed, said Jenkins. "He's really enthusiastic. He's really intense."


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