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September 25, 2017

New York tabloids mock Odell Beckham Jr.'s peeing celebration

The Eagles won Sunday on a ridiculous 61-yard field goal from a rookie kicker, but not before Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. celebrated a touchdown by getting on all fours and lifting his leg to mimic peeing like a dog.

Since New York ended up losing, the city's tabloids had a field day with Beckham Jr.'s rather graphic display, mocking him on the front page of their sports sections.

Here's the New York Daily News:

And here's the New York Post:

Going to have to hand it to the Daily News here, as "Urine Big Trouble" is way cleverer than "Pissing It Away." No matter which cover you prefer, however, we can all enjoy the fact that the Giants are 0-3 and the Eagles are currently first in the NFC East.