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July 31, 2017

N.J. Assembly moves to close governor's beach house during government shutdowns

The New Jersey Assembly on Monday passed a measure to force closure of the governor's beach house in Island Beach State Park during a government shutdown.

A second measure would keep open state parks. Both bills will be debated in state Senate and then sent to Republican Gov. Chris Christie's desk for approval.

Christie and his family visited the beach house over the Fourth of July weekend after ordering a three-day shutdown that closed state parks. His actions rankled some lawmakers who moved to ensure it never happened again.

The governor was captured lounging on a beach chair – surrounded by his family – from an airplane by a NJ Advance Media photographer. The photo led to countless online memes mocking the governor and made news around the world.

According to the bill:

All residential property owned by the State and provided exclusively or primarily for the use of the Governor, including the Governor’s ocean house at Island Beach State Park, shall be closed and not available for use by the Governor, the Governor’s family, or any other person or entity during a state of emergency that is declared.”

A Sunday argument Christie had with a Chicago Cubs fan while holding nachos in Milwaukee went viral Monday.