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March 09, 2017

N.J. Gov. Christie says he now favors expungements of some felonies

Clearing records would make it easier to find work, reasons Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has told Democratic lawmakers he is onboard with a plan to allow convicted felons to have their records expunged as a means of making them more employable.

He is calling for a bill to hit his desk before the legislature’s summer break, which starts in July.

Christie made the announcement in conjunction with his push to combat the opioid drug crises.

Many felons with drug convictions find it difficult to find work. Christie’s plan was reported by

He said details need to be worked out. Currently, serious felonies can't be expunged.

And even those who are eligible are limited to only one expungement.

Also, the state requires offenders to wait between five and 10 years from the completion of probation before seeking expungement.