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August 29, 2015

Sarah Palin defends Curt Schilling's tweet about Muslim extremists

Former VP nominee goes after ESPN

Sarah Palin strongly defended former Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling on her Facebook page Friday, lambasting ESPN in the process. 

Schilling got into hot water Tuesday when he tweeted a photo drawing comparisons between Muslim extremists and Nazi Germany. The tweet was deleted, but not before the internet caught wind of it and he was taken off of the sports network's coverage of the Little League World Series. 


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Schilling has since addressed the photo and suspension, calling it a "bad decision" on his Twitter page. 

However, Palin, a former vice presidential candidate who served as Governor of Alaska, strongly defended Schilling Friday and criticized ESPN for its political correctness.

She wrote on the network: 

...there's been crude, rude bile spewing from the once-great sports network for years now. Trust me. I know. My name and reputation's been in it. One ESPN affiliate's on-air rant featuring their misogynist, animalistic "analysts" grunting and giggling through an entire x-rated celebration of violence against women didn't even draw a chirp from ESPN's wussified leaders. Look it up; I don't want to have to recount it. ESPN radio affiliate in Las Vegas got its kicks out of convicted rapist Mike Tyson describing the next rape he'd want to see. (Warning, graphic language throughout that Sept. 20, 2011 broadcast.)

In the broadcast Palin is referring to, Tyson makes jokes about her having sex with African Americans, using explicit language in the process, according to the Daily Caller. 

Palin continued, addressing Schilling's tweet: 

...was he wrong? No! In fact his stats were too generous in estimating Muslims' attitudes. Reports show it's 88% of Egyptian Muslims favoring DEATH for anyone who leaves Islam. The majority of Muslims in many other places share the sentiment. In America, these views could be correctly described as “extreme.” The difference between Hitler’s army and the genocidal maniacs of ISIS is that the jihadists don’t have as much power… yet.

The report Palin is referring to is a 2013 Pew survey that found 88 percent of Muslims in Egypt favored the death penalty for anyone who left their religion. 

She went on to write that ESPN was ignoring the "accuracy" of the tweet, chalking their "weakness" up to terrorist propaganda and said the network should "stick to sports."