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April 05, 2019

Palizzi Social Club is officially selling new memberships, starting this weekend

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palizzi social club @palizzisc/Instagram

The spread at members-only Palizzi Social Club.

Palizzi Social Club, the impossible-to-dine-at members-only restaurant in Philly with roots all the way back to 1918, is officially selling memberships starting April 7.

The social club’s Instagram account started a miniature social media explosion Thursday afternoon when it posted a picture of a buzzer and said “first come, first served”. 

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A line of more than 20 people formed in less than an hour in search of the club’s $20 lifetime memberships, and the social club decided to shut off comments on the Instagram post.

But on Friday afternoon, the social club posted this official message confirming new sales would be taking place in April and May:

In case the Instagram post doesn’t load:

“On behalf of the assembly, I have now approved new membership sales for April and May. HOWEVER: Serving our current members during business hours is our #1 priority! THEREFORE to preserve the integrity of our society: we will only be selling a limited number of cards at the door for new applicants; 10 per night ONLY TWICE A WEEK- first come first served. Thursday night and Sunday night AFTER 9pm -J.B.”

The J.B. is Joey Baldino, the current owner and president.

The social club said back in February it would start selling memberships in March, but the month came and went with no news. Now, we know.

Palizzi is also selling a cookbook, which comes out Oct. 29, titled “Dinner at the Club”, with stories and recipes from the social club.

You can peruse the Palizzi menu here and decide for yourself if you want to try and become a member.