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July 08, 2017

Pat Toomey, a beekeeper? Sen. gets spotlight in NYT story on hobbies of Capitol Hill

Can you bee-lieve it?

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has taken up beekeeping in his spare time, according to a recent New York Times article highlighting a select bunch of U.S. senators and the hobbies their constituents might have never guessed they had.

There's (D) Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, who performs wedding ceremonies, (D) Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota who is a certified Pilates instructor or (R) Sen. Susan Collins of Maine whose specialty in the kitchen is the classic blueberry muffin.

But Pennsylvania's own began tending to bees just last year after his interest was spurred by a friend. Now, he's got a whole setup in his backyard, according to the New York Times.

“When you’re in my line of work, you’re often dealing with abstractions," he said. "It’s fun to have something tangible, where you can see results."

There are some photos worth seeing in the New York Times' story, but alas, Toomey reportedly "would not model" the full getup for the publication. 

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