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December 31, 2016

Is Philadelphia a mediocre place to celebrate New Year's Eve?

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Fireworks J. Fusco/Visit Philadelphia™

Fireworks in Philly.

Is the City of Brotherly Love a great place to ring in the new year?

One study says not really.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, compiled a list of the "Best Places for New Year's Eve Celebrations" based on 20 factors and Philadelphia didn't exactly land the best spot.

Philly was ranked the No. 31 on the list published earlier this month out of 100 cities across the nation, one spot below Cleveland, Ohio and one spot above Baltimore.

WalletHub broke up the 20 factors into three separate categories, including "entertainment and food," "costs" and "safety and accessibility."

The website considered things like the legality of buying fireworks, how many nightlife options there were in that city, average drink prices, weather and traffic.

Even Pittsburgh scored higher than Philadelphia at No. 9.

Check out the top 10 spots to spend New Year's Eve according to WalletHub below, or find the complete list here.

1. Orlando, Florida 
2. San Francisco, California 
3. Atlanta, Georgia 
4. Denver, Colorado 
5. Buffalo, New York 
6. Cincinnati, Ohio 
7. Miami, Florida 
8. St. Louis, Missouri 
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
10. Las Vegas, Nevada