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August 03, 2015

Philadelphia University students design products for Target

Designed by college students for college students, items will be available in stores nationwide

If you do back-to-school shopping at Target, you'll see some products made by actual students.

Four Philadelphia University students studying industrial design will have their products sold at almost 1,800 Target stores across the nation, the University said.

In collaboration with the Canadian design firm Umbra, about 25 students took a fall course where they designed products that would appeal to fellow college students. Four of those students, now rising seniors, will have their work sold under the label Loft by Umbra.

The designers:

• Chloe Muller made the “Roo,” an easy-to-carry laundry bag.

• Nick Friez created the “Bunky,” a bookstand that can be tucked into your mattress.

• Anthony Maladra designed the “Trig,” a funky graphic pegboard.

• Sam Pawlak made “Cacti,” a desktop organizer that can fit in the palm of your hand.    

Friez told CBSPhilly that he got the idea for the Bunky because there was no room in his small apartment for a nightstand next to his bed. 

"Think about a problem that you face and a product that could solve that problem," he said.