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December 16, 2016

Philly wins title for being so sexy


Every day as I peer out the third-floor PhillyVoice offices in Center City, I'm overwhelmed by how unbelievably attractive you all are – just pure sexiness in every one of you.

Which is why it's no surprise that Philadelphia has been named the sexiest city in the country by Pure Romance, a company that sells sex toys.

The company released its annual list Wednesday. Per the press release:

“Philadelphia has been making steady progress on our list of 20 Sexiest Cities over the last few years,” said Chris Cicchinelli, Pure Romance CEO and president. “From fourth place in 2014 to second and now to first, we are happy to see the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ take the top spot as the Sexiest City in America.”

How did Pure Romance determine its rankings? They actually are not based on looks. Instead, the company looks at its sales by region. Basically, Philadelphians buy a lot of toys for when they want to get intimate.

But we know we deserve the title anyway. Make sure to stop and take a look in the mirror today, Philly. You're sexy, and you know it.

In case you were wondering, here are Pure Romance's full rankings of all the other cities that are less sexy than Philly:

1. Philadelphia

2. Detroit

3. Washington, DC 

4. Minneapolis-St. Paul

5. New York City 

6. Atlanta

7. Baltimore 

8. St. Louis 

9. Dallas-Fort Worth 

10. Tampa-St. Petersburg 

11. Salt Lake City 

12. Denver 

13. Cleveland-Akron-Canton 

14. Pittsburgh 

15. Buffalo 

16. Milwaukee 

17. Portland

18. Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Michigan 

19. Cincinnati 

20. Green Bay-Appleton