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An unhappy sex life may be a sign of future memory problems

Sexual Health Memory Cognition Men

Adult Health

Young people are having less sex than their parents did at their age. Researchers explore why

Young People Sex

Men's Health

Many men are open to new birth control options, but progress on male contraceptives has been slow

Male contraceptive research

Women's Health

Low libido, painful sex shouldn't be taboo topics for women, health experts say

Sexual dysfunction women


Young people are eager to have sex, but will post-pandemic hookups bring happiness or despair?

Post-Pandemic Sex

Adult Health

Younger Americans are having less sex, a result of growing up slower

Sexual Inactivity in Young Americans

Children's Health

Many doctors aren't addressing safe sex, driver readiness with teens who have a history of ADHD

Health risks among Teens with ADHD

Men's Health

Sex can be a motivator for healthy living, especially after age 50

Sex Life after age 50

Women's Health

The brain region that regulates mood, sex drive is smaller among birth control pill users, study finds

Birth Control Effect Brain

Men's Health

No, putting toothpaste on your penis will not improve your sex life

Toothpaste premature ejaculation

Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction in former NFL players linked to concussions

Odd News

Sorry, folks, the '50 Shades of Maple Glen' home is no longer up for sale

Vince Marie and Priscilla Costa

Adult Health

Study: Sex increases chances of survival following a heart attack

sex improves survival

Women's Health

Is it a feminist right to want more sex? One company thinks a pill is the answer

Right to Desire Web Site 05102019

Adult Health

Symptoms of the most common STDs

Gonorrhea bacteria NAIAD 04192019

Odd News

Here's the latest on the '50 Shades of Maple Glen' house

Vince Marie and Priscilla Costa

Odd News

An intimate chat with the couple selling the '50 Shades of Maple Glen' home

Vince Marie and Priscilla Costa

Odd News

WATCH: Take a tour of the Montgomery County home for sale with a 'sexual oasis'



Former Philly musician creates 'The F'ing Truth,' a board game that gets people to talk about sex

carsie blanton f'ing truth game


Struggling Eagles need to 'fast' from sex, says former linebacker Gary Cobb


Who's avoiding sex, and why


Odd News

Burger King rethinks provocative 'free Whoppers for life' offer to Russian women


Philly officer gets prison sentence in drugs-for-sex case

Police lights arrests crime


Walmart is pulling Cosmopolitan from the checkout aisle, evoking split reactions


Philly is great for casual sex, says app for casual sex

Casually Sex App


Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, Stanford study finds

Men's Health

Does size matter? Company offering custom-sized condoms says yes



Did hot lesbian scenes chill the box office for 'Atomic Blonde?'


Philly police officer pleads guilty to trading drugs for sex

 Philadelphia Police Car


Michael Vick's wife withholds sex after Kaepernick comments


This is why Philly police and 311 don't keep track of loud-sex complaints

Loud Sex


Study: Younger Americans less likely to cheat on spouses


#BearWatch2017: Two uninhibited bears have sex, pool hop in backyard

Odd News

Pennsylvania couple had sex in front of 'several hundred people,' cops say

Kirby Park


Kumail Nanjiani on his 'sex'y commencement speech

Odd News

WATCH: Curious eyes drawn toward 'SEX' on water tower

Water Tower

Fitness Trends

6 reasons you should take a pole dance class ASAP


Air Sex Championships returning to Philly next weekend


Health officials: Mobile apps could be linked to syphilis uptick in Philly


A much sadder Philadelphia college sex diary

Live Arts

'Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man': this weekend on Broad

Sex Tips


Philly nonprofit to teach youth with autism about sex

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