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Women's Health

Taking aspirin while on birth control pills may increase the risk of blood clots, study finds

Birth Control NSAID Blood Clot


Eating healthy foods can help boost one's mental health

Mental Health Food

Alternative Medicine

Turmeric may be as effective at treating indigestion as a common acid reflux drug, study finds

Turmeric Health Benefits


PHL boasts some of the quickest security lines of any major US airport, report says

PHL wait time


Warning signs for cardiac arrest are different in men and women, study finds

Ambulance Cardiac Arrest

Women's Health

Women who undergo infertility treatments may have a higher risk of stroke – but it remains rare, study finds

Stroke Risk Infertility

Healthy Eating

Fruit and vegetable 'prescriptions' may boost heart health, study says

Produce Prescriptions Health


COVID-19 may trigger high blood pressure, study finds

High Blood Pressure COVID

Healthy Eating

A Mediterranean lifestyle involves more than eating healthy – but it lowers the risk of early death, research shows

Mediterranean Lifestyle Study

Adult Health

Sleep deprivation harms the heart, and catching up on weekends may not help

Sleeping In Health

Adult Health

Blue-light glasses may not prevent eye strain or improve sleep quality, study finds

Blue Light Glasses


Cancer rates among people in their 30s have risen significantly, study finds

Cancer Young Adults

Women's Health

Menstrual discs are better for heavy periods than tampons or pads, study finds

Menstrual Products Study


Natural gas fracking in Pa. linked to asthma, childhood lymphoma, research finds

Fracking childhood cancer study


Women who consume sugary drinks every day are at higher risk for liver cancer, study finds

Sugary drinks liver disease

Healthy Eating

Kombucha may help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels, study finds

Kombucha Health Benefits

Health News

Nearly 9 of 10 health care workers admit to picking their noses – and they're more likely to get COVID-19, study finds

Nose picking COVID-19

Mental Health

Half of the world's population will experience mental illness by age 75, study says

Mental Illness by 75


Men historically have drank themselves to death more often than women – but that is changing, study finds

Alcohol Deaths Women

Adult Health

Extreme heat and air pollution doubles risk of a fatal heart attack, study finds

Heat Waves and Poor Air Quality

Mental Health

Psychedelic mushrooms may be helpful treating people with anorexia, clinical trials show

psilocybin psychedelic mushrooms

Adult Health

Meat allergies caused by lone star ticks have increased dramatically, CDC finds

Tick AGS Meat Allergy

Healthy Eating

Why do dieters so often regain weight? Drexel, Penn researchers join national study to find better answers

Diet Weight Gain

Mental Health

Reducing social media usage by just 15 minutes a day improves one's well-being, research suggests

Social media Health

Adult Health

A high BMI does not necessarily increase one's risk of death, study finds

Obesity BMI Study

Women's Health

Maternal deaths in the U.S. have more than doubled since 1999, study finds

Maternal mortality


Japanese plum juice, touted as a natural remedy to heart disease, actually works, Temple researchers say

Japanese Plum Hypertension

Children's Health

Weight loss surgery for kids and teens with obesity is becoming more common, study finds

Obesity Bariatric Surgery

Health News

Brain scans pinpoint unique responses to chronic pain, paving way for better treatments

Chronic Pain Brain Scans 2

Children's Health

A brain abnormality may help explain the cause of sudden infant death syndrome

SIDS Cause Risk Factors

Adult Health

Study reveals staggering toll of being Black in America: 1.6 million excess deaths over 22 years

Black Mortality Rate


Radiation burns are common during cancer treatment; here's how to alleviate the symptoms

Radiation Therapy Burns

Children's Health

Philly children became far more likely to be harmed by gun violence during the pandemic, study suggests

Philly Gun Violence


In the search for an HIV cure, a new gene-editing strategy from Temple scientists may be a game-changer

Temple HIV Research

Senior Health

Eli Lilly says its experimental Alzheimer's drug slows cognitive decline

Eli Lilly Alzheimer's

Women's Health

Breast cancer screenings for Black women should begin earlier, study finds

Breast Cancer Screening

Women's Health

Susceptible to UTIs? Drinking cranberry juice can prevent them, study finds

Cranberry Juice UTIs

Children's Health

Melatonin gummies often have higher doses than what's listed on their labels, study finds

Melatonin gummies children

Adult Health

Sciatic nerve pain can be debilitating, but surgery often is unnecessary

Sciatica surgery

Women's Health

Medical advancements are giving breast cancer patients more surgical options

Breast cancer surgery


COVID-19 increases the risk of diabetes, but scientists aren't sure why

Diabetes and COVID-19


City Hall to conduct study of proposed 76ers arena and its potential impact

Sixers arena study

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