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Healthy Eating

Is your coffee habit bad for your health? Here's what the research shows

Coffee health effects


Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the coronavirus?

COVID-19 Vaccines Transmission

Health News

Thomas Jefferson University projects to be conducted as part of first private mission to International Space Station

Jefferson Space Mission

Adult Health

People with autism can read most facial expressions, but not anger

Autism emotion recognition


Starting your day an hour earlier could reduce risk for depression, according to a new study

Sleep timing and depression risk

Adult Health

Penn Medicine develops an 'electronic nose' to sniff out cancer

Penn Medicine 'electronic nose'

Men's Health

'Male menopause?' How reduced testosterone affects men as they age

Low testosterone men

Healthy Eating

Thinking of trying intermittent fasting? Make sure it's the right diet for you

Intermittent fasting benefits

Adult Health

Treating resistant hypertension can be a challenge — renal denervation may be an alternative to more drugs

hypertension medicine

Children's Health

Family history, race and gender all factor into a child's asthma risk, study finds

Asthma triggers


Managing kids' cholesterol and blood pressure protects future brain health, new research shows

Children Brain Health

Men's Health

Laughter: A healthy behavior that's actually fun

Laughter Health Benefits

Health News

U.S. birth rate reaches record lows, CDC report finds

U.S. birth rate 2020

Women's Health

Freezing tumors has become a popular treatment for slow-growing cancers

Cryoablation breast cancer

Healthy Eating

Taking fish oil supplements to improve heart health remains controversial

Fish oil controversy

Women's Health

Preeclampsia may triple a woman's lifetime stroke risk, study finds

Preeclampsia and stroke risk

Adult Health

Chronic pain affects one-fifth of American adults — and it's hampering productivity

Chronic pain treatment


Human challenge trials may advance knowledge of COVID-19, but they remain controversial

COVID Human Challenge Trials

Adult Health

Barriers to specialty care may be causing disparities in use of diabetes drug, Penn study finds

Diabetes drugs

Mental Health

Exhausted by too many Zoom meetings? Here's how to relieve the fatigue

Zoom fatigue


The U.K. variant is spreading rapidly, sparking debates about the U.S. vaccination rollout

COVID-19 testing in US

Children's Health

Most children who develop MIS-C show no initial COVID-19 symptoms

MIS-C without COVID symptoms

Adult Health

A video game may hold the key to treating COVID 'brain fog'

EndeavorRX COVID brain fog


What baseball can learn about COVID-19 case spikes and crowd size from the NFL's 2020 season

Baseball Fans COVID-19


HPV infections have dramatically fallen, even among unvaccinated people

HPV vaccinations

Health News

Some hand sanitizer brands exceed FDA's limit on the carcinogen benzene, study finds

Benzene in hand sanitizers


Infected mouth cells may explain the loss of taste among some COVID-19 patients

COVID Saliva testing

Children's Health

High-sugar diets put kids at increased risk for liver disease, experts say

High sugar diet


Real-world data confirms Pfizer, Moderna vaccines are preventing COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

Health News

New Jersey's racial minorities getting COVID shots at lower rates — despite desire to get vaccinated

NJ COVID Vaccines

Healthy Eating

Green, leafy vegetables boost muscle strength — here's how to add them to your diet

Leafy vegetables benefits

Adult Health

Drug used to prevent miscarriages may increase cancer risk of grown children

OHPC Cancer Risk


Americans have piled on the pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic

Weight gain during pandemic

Children's Health

Managing diabetes 'more important than ever' for children amid the pandemic

Children's diabetes covid-19

Children's Health

Hospitalizations caused by high-powered magnets have surged since ban ended

High-powered magnets


Higher pollen counts linked to increased COVID-19 transmission, study shows

Allergies COVID-19

Adult Health

A single head injury can increase the risk of dementia, Penn study finds

Head injuries dementia


Pfizer's COVID-19 shot protects against the Brazilian variant, study finds

COVID-19 vaccines Brazil

Adult Health

Scientists zeroing in on the cause of 'COVID brain'

brain fog coronavirus


The coronavirus is here to stay, but it won't be as deadly in the future, scientists say

COVID-19 endemic

Children's Health

The immune response to MIS-C may hold clues to improving COVID-19 treatments, Philly researchers say

MIS-C immune system


Brazilian coronavirus variant can cause reinfections, new research finds

P.1 variant Brazil

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