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Senior Health

For older adults, smelling the roses may be more difficult

Senior Smell Roses


Swimming gives your brain a boost – but scientists don't know yet why it's better than other aerobic activities

Swimming brain health

Adult Health

Reducing stress may reverse graying hair — at least temporarily

Prevent gray hair


The pandemic is making you age faster: Here's what you can do to slow it down

Aging Pandemic

Men's Health

Grit can serve as a strategic asset in the fight against aging

Perseverance Fitness Willpower

Men's Health

Stay mentally sharp as you age through exercise and a lively social life

Prevent Mental Decline

Senior Health

Why Black aging matters, too

COVID-19 Racial Disparities

Children's Health

Childhood trauma may lead to early puberty and changes in brain structure

Childhood abuse early aging

Men's Health

Repositioning your priorities can lead to sustained happiness and health

Happiness keys

Senior Health

As seniors' walking speeds slow, their minds usually do too

decline in cognition and gait speed


As men age, it's important to seek out new friendships

Male friendships

Adult Health

Here's why stress turns your hair gray

Adult Health

People age in at least 4 different styles, Stanford study finds

Scientists identify four different types of aging


Running a marathon may reduce effects of aging, study finds

Marathon runners reap extra health benefits

Women's Health

Everything women need to know about menopause

menopause symptoms what to know

Senior Health

Reducing 'zombie' cells may slow the aging process


Men's Health

Eagles fandom: men, emotion and motivation

Health News

Study shows potential for reversing the body's 'biological age'

Reverse aging biological clock

Senior Health

Starving seniors: How America fails to feed its aging

Men's Health

Men have a ticking biological clock, too

Sperm 05132019

Senior Health

This dairy-free drink was created to promote healthy aging

perennial drink aging wellness

Adult Health

Update: 'Young blood' transfusions are risky treatment, FDA cautions

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

Senior Health

Frail seniors find ways to live independently



Transfusions of 'young blood' might be 'fountain of youth' everyone's looking for

fountain unsplash

Senior Health

Living a long life isn't predetermined in your genes, a new study suggests


Health News

Cannabis use more detrimental to brain health than alcohol use, study claims


Senior Health

Is there such a thing as normal aging?



You’re not the only one who can’t lose weight. Here’s why


Study: A red wine component has similar anti-aging benefits to diet and exercise


New study: Common, cheap chemical could slow aging of human skin



How fat could lead to more effective anti-aging treatments

Elderly Hands


Here's how 30 minutes of cycling can boost your health

IBXStock_Carroll - Indego Bike Share Schuylkill River Trail


Six tips for talking to your parents about aging


When and how to take the car keys from elderly parents

Car Keys and Hour Glass


Seven ways to keep your memory sharp

Glasses on newspaper crossword puzzle


Makeup artists age couple through '100 years of Beauty'


Health News

Facial scans uncover future health issues and predict life expectancy

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