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To prevent STDs, the CDC wants some people to use a common antibiotic as a 'morning-after pill'

STD prevention doxycycline


Deaths caused by a rare, 'flesh-eating' bacteria are increasing on the East Coast

Vibrio Bacteria Ocean

Adult Health

How to prevent UTIs during record-high summer heat

UTI Prevention Health


It's tick season — here's how to stay protected and what to do if bit

Tick Season


Fewer gay and bisexual men are getting HIV, but prevention barriers still persist

HIV New Infections


This treatment for an intestinal infection sounds disgusting, but it may be a breakthrough, and it has FDA approval

C. Diff Treatment Vowst

Women's Health

Susceptible to UTIs? Drinking cranberry juice can prevent them, study finds

Cranberry Juice UTIs


The latest COVID-19 variant is giving people pink eye, doctors say

COVID-19 Pink Eye

Health News

Eye drops factory linked to deadly bacterial infections cited for sterilization violations

Eye drops contamination


Candida auris, a deadly fungal infection, is spreading rapidly in hospitals. Here's what to know

Candida auris infections


Sepsis can kill a person within 12 hours; here's how to recognize its symptoms

Sepsis symptoms

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Eye drops brand linked to string of drug-resistant bacterial infections, CDC says

EzriCare Eye Drops

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4 cases of Legionnaires' disease identified in Pennsauken, health officials say

Legionnaires disease Camden County


Will omicron-specific booster shots be more effective at combating COVID-19? 5 questions answered


Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients, but there's a simple way to stop it

Hospital brush teeth


The COVID-19 pandemic reversed progress in combating superbugs

COVID-19 Superbugs MRSA

Children's Health

Scientists develop smartphone device that can diagnose ear infections

Smartphone Ear Infection App


Monkeypox case found in Philadelphia, but officials say virus poses 'extremely low' risk


A more contagious omicron strain has scientists fearing another COVID-19 surge

New omicron strain

Children's Health

Pandemic poses short- and long-term risks to babies, especially boys

COVID-19 Babies Health


Camden County Starbucks employee contracts hepatitis A, customers urged to get vaccinated

Starbucks employee Hepatitis A

Men's Health

Urinary tract infections can affect men too – especially those over age 50


Struggling to stop biting your nails? There are health reasons to quit

chronic nail-biting


What causes cold sores to return? New research offers a deeper understanding

Cold Sore recurrence

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New Jersey dentist loses license after practice spread heart infection bacteria to patients

Rare syndrome nearly killed Pennsylvania man with ear infection

Lemierre Pennsylvania

Women's Health

Here are the best ways to treat – and prevent – yeast infections

Yeast Infections Symptoms Treatment Prevention

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CDC confirms first U.S. case of potentially deadly new coronavirus

Coronavirus washington

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Pet store puppies are linked to antibiotic resistant infection, CDC says

Pet store puppies outbreak infection


Deadly Candida auris infection continues to spread in New Jersey, health department says

C Auris New Jersey


Man dies from severe infection after being licked by his dog

Man dies from dog licking


Here's how to protect your child from meningitis

Meningitis Prevention Vaccines


Delco's Wallingford-Swarthmore School District school district reports whooping cough outbreak

Delaware County whooping cough

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Philly health department warns of possible Hepatitis A exposure at Center City Italian restaurant

Ristorante la Buca


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria a deadly threat 'that is not going away,' CDC says

Superbugs CDC infections antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Children's Health

Pennsylvania hospital's donor breast milk process at fault for death of 3 infants

Geisinger Pseudomonas


Earwax removal: How to safely clean your ears

Mental Health

Stress-related disorders, like PTSD, may increase risk for serious infection

ptsd infections stress

Children's Health

Three babies die from infections at Pennsylvania hospital

Geisinger Medical Center

Health News

Circadian rhythms regulate how well the immune system responds, study finds

Clock immune


Why are people still dying of Legionnaires' disease?

Legionnaire's disease shower


What men should know about UTIs

Aged man in a pajamas and slippers walks to a bathroom at home

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