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Eye drops sold at Target, CVS and Rite Aid may cause infections, FDA says

Eye Drops FDA Warning

Healthy Eating

Hershey's cocoa powder among chocolate products with 'concerning' amounts of lead, Consumer Reports says

Hershey's cocoa powder lead


An at-home flu vaccine may be available in the U.S. by next fall

nasal spray flu vaccine

Adult Health

Many popular cold medicines contain an ineffective ingredient; here's what to take instead

Cold medicine phenylephrine


New COVID-19 shots, approved by the FDA, to be available shortly

New COVID-19 Vaccine

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Oysters distributed in Pennsylvania and 4 other states may not be safe to eat, FDA warns

Oyster recall


RSV vaccine for babies, given to their mothers during pregnancy, receives FDA approval

RSV Vaccine Infants

Women's Health

FDA warns against using certain pregnancy, ovulation and UTI tests

FDA Pregnancy Tests

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More gay, bisexual men can donate blood as Red Cross implements new screening process

Red Cross Guidelines

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Trader Joe's issues recalls because of bugs in broccoli cheese soup and rocks found in cookies, falafel

Trader Joe's soup recall

Adult Health

People are eating borax to help reduce inflammation — here's why that's dangerous

Borax TikTok

Children's Health

Preventive RSV shot for infants and toddlers approved by FDA

Beyfortus RSV

Healthy Eating

How safe is aspartame? The WHO and FDA take different stances on the sweetener's cancer risk

Aspartame Safety Cancer

Women's Health

First over-the-counter birth control pill approved by the FDA

Opill OTC Birth Control

Children's Health

Logan Paul's Prime energy drink is facing scrutiny – how much caffeine is safe for kids to consume?

Prime Energy Caffeine

Children's Health

Baby foods still have concerning levels of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals, study finds

Baby Food Metals

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Belvita recalls breakfast products due to possible peanut allergens

belVita recalls

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Drugmakers are abandoning cheap generics, and now U.S. cancer patients can't get meds

Cancer Drug Shortage


E-cigarette sales surged during the pandemic, CDC says

Vape Sales Surge Pandemic

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Tastykake recalls chocolate Kandy Kakes due to possible peanut allergens

tastykake recall.jpg

Health News

Lancaster Foods recalls several kale, spinach and collard green products due to possible listeria contamination

lancaster foods recall


Legal pot is more potent than ever — and still largely unregulated

Marijuana Potency Regulations

Senior Health

Eli Lilly says its experimental Alzheimer's drug slows cognitive decline

Eli Lilly Alzheimer's


This treatment for an intestinal infection sounds disgusting, but it may be a breakthrough, and it has FDA approval

C. Diff Treatment Vowst

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General Mills recalls Gold Medal flour due to salmonella contamination

Gold Medal Flour recall

Children's Health

Melatonin gummies often have higher doses than what's listed on their labels, study finds

Melatonin gummies children

Adult Health

Social media is fueling enthusiasm for new weight loss drugs. Are regulators watching?

Weight Loss Ozempic


FDA authorizes second bivalent COVID-19 booster for older adults

Bivalent Covid Boosters

Health News

Eye drops factory linked to deadly bacterial infections cited for sterilization violations

Eye drops contamination


Over-the-counter Narcan to be available by late summer, manufacturer says

Narcan nasal spray


Despite pharma claims, illicit drug shipments to U.S. aren't full of opioids. It's generic Viagra

CBP narcotics detection

Health News

Eyedrop brands recalled due to possible contamination issues

Eyedrop recall


FDA moves to restrict importation of xylazine, the animal tranquilizer exacerbating Philly's fentanyl crisis

Xylazine FDA traq


Ketamine has become an at-home treatment for depression, but some scientists say that set-up is too risky

Ketamine treatment

Healthy Eating

Plant-based milk alternatives may soon carry labels that better detail their nutritional value

PBMA Products FDA


Bivalent boosters offer protection against the latest COVID-19 variant, CDC study finds

COVID-19 bivalent booster

Children's Health

As the FDA seeks to limit lead levels in baby food, here's what parents should know about toxic metals

Lead baby food

Women's Health

Retail pharmacies now can sell abortion pills, but there are compliance issues, potential backlash to weigh

Abortion Pills Pharmacies

Health News

Sesame named a major food allergen by the FDA; here's what you need to know

Sesame allergy

Men's Health

Many men are open to new birth control options, but progress on male contraceptives has been slow

Male contraceptive research

Children's Health

Child poisoning cases caused by prescription cough medicine on the rise, FDA warns

Benzonatate child poisoning

Health News

Nestle recalls batches of edible cookie dough due to plastic contamination

nestle edible cookie dough.jpeg

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