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Healthy Eating

These nut butter-filled Greek yogurts pack an extra protein punch

chobani nut butter greek yogurt


For those with IBS, special diet can make a big difference

Cashew Nuts 07122019

Healthy Eating

Selecting groceries ahead of time helps some shoppers make healthier choices

Supermarket Shopper 07102019

Healthy Eating

Enjoy tempting summer foods without the guilt

Healthy Fudge Emily Rubin 06262019

Children's Health

Obesity rates falling among preschool age children

Childhood obesity rates are falling, CDC study finds


Sen. Pat Toomey introduces legislation to put whole milk back in school lunches

Pat Toomey milk act pennsylvania

Health Stories

A helpful tip for protecting personal information in health apps

protecting health data

Healthy Eating

What’s the best type of milk for gut health?

Milk Beans 06032019

Healthy Eating

This new better-for-you cereal comes in all of the classic flavors

magic spoon healthy cereal

Healthy Eating

Low whole grain, dairy consumption may increase cancer risk

Whole Grain Bread

Healthy Eating

Pizza is healthier to eat for breakfast than cereal, nutritionist says

0523_pizza breakfast


This nonprofit graded the nutritional value of Philly public school menus

Healthy School Lunch 05152019


Drinking six cups of coffee a day can seriously damage your health, study finds

coffee drinking limits

Healthy Eating

Pili nuts are a nutrient-rich and low-carb snack option

pili nut health benefits

Healthy Eating

Are eggs healthy? New study warns against eating too many

Eggs Heart Disease Cholesterol

Healthy Eating

Petition asks FDA to regulate misleading advertising on food packaging

misleading food packaging petition

Women's Health

The keys to getting in shape for women in their 30s and 40s



Millennials' trendy diets causing zinc deficiencies, in some cases

millennial food zinc deficiency unsplash


Golden berries are the 'superfood' you didn't know you needed in your kitchen

golden berries superfood flickr


Navigating the 'nutrition' specialties, and why you may be looking for a registered dietitian


Odd News

Everything you wanted to know about the 'steel furnace letter' but were afraid to ask

27th and Girard Furnace Party


FYI, drinking too much coffee may cause magnesium deficiency

coffee mug unsplash

Healthy Eating

Are these popular diets (keto, paleo, etc.) keeping your gut healthy?



Chris Hemsworth to launch health and fitness app

chris hemsworth usa today


Five things that cause daytime drowsiness

Falling asleep at a desk

Healthy Eating

Let them eat more fat? Researcher argues that a balance of types of fat is the key



The pros and cons of working out on an empty stomach

People working out a gym


Cut these five things from your diet if you’re trying to lose weight

BAked good in bakery


The worst menu items to order when you’re out to eat

Burger and Fries Restaurant Table


Five healthy New Year’s resolutions that are actually achievable

2019 Image Thom Carroll


Slow cooker vs. pressure cooker face-off

Electronic Pressure Cooker


Five desserts you can eat and not feel bad about

guilt-free dessert - smoothie


Healthy Recipe: Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

Limited - Baked Rosemary Beet Chips IBX Live

Healthy Eating

This is how many french fries you *should* be eating in one sitting

french fries pexels


Healthy Recipe: California Avocado Toast

Limited - California Avocado Toast IBX LIVE


Healthy Recipe: Florentine Meatballs

Limited - Florentine Meatballs IBX LIVE


How to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant

Per holding a cheeseburger


Healthy Recipe: Cranberry Pistachio Power Bites

Limited - Healthy Recipe Cranberry Pistachio Power Bites

Health News

Nutrition Fact labels get a makeover — here's what they look like now



Is salad dressing hijacking your ‘healthy’ salad?

Pouring dressing on a salad


Five fatty foods that are actually good for you

Avocado on cutting board


These superfoods can help you fight off the common cold

Superfoods Chicken Vegetables

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