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October 30, 2017

Police: Man refuses to leave Walmart, eats snacks in food department

A Pennsylvania man allegedly caused quite a scene at a Berks County Walmart early Monday morning.

State police say that just after midnight, Gary Hoffman, 69, kicked a shelf and knocked over a display inside the Tilden Township store.

Hoffman was asked multiple times to leave the store but refused, according to authorities.

During his shopping trip, Hoffman allegedly drank part of a jug of apple cider and ate Ritz crackers and chocolate doughnuts from the food department.

Police say Hoffman had no money to pay for his snacks and said he wasn't planning on paying for them anyway because Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, owed him $50.

Hoffman has been charged with disorderly conduct and retail theft.

In a state police report about the incident, the victims are listed as Walmart and "society."