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April 09, 2015

Power plant cuts service to Revel Casino following Straub purchase

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Revel Wayne Parry/for PhillyVoice

Revel's future is yet to be determined

A week after Florida developer Glen Straub purchased the Revel Casino out of bankruptcy court for $82 million, an anticipated battle over its transfer has already begun. 

According to 6 ABC, utility service ACR Energy cut power to the facility on Thursday afternoon, prompting the city to levy a fine for every day the building's fire suppression systems go without power. 

In February, the fire department warned that it would be near-impossible to fight a fire at the $2.4 billion, 47-story building without water and electricity available. 

As part of the purchase approved by Judge Gloria Burns, issues with remaining Revel tenants and ACR Energy would have to be resolved by Straub out of court. 

Straub will reportedly attempt to power Revel with portable generator trucks until the complex's utility grid can be linked to a separate power plant at Showboat -- another closed casino purchased by Straub last Friday. Straub suggested it could take several days for the generators to arrive and about two weeks to connect Revel to Showboat. 

Chris Filiciello, who serves as Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian's chief of staff, said the daily fine against Straub would be several thousand dollars, without specifying an exact amount. 

Straub expressed dissatisfaction with the government's action on Thursday, suggesting that ACR Energy should instead be fined. 

Straub's future plans for Revel may include a smaller casino, condos, a hotel, a waterpark, and an academy for leaders to gather and address societal issues.