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January 30, 2023

Reliving the Eagles' NFC Championship Game win through the eyes of Cowboys, Giants, Commanders, and 49ers fans

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This gentleman had a rough day.

The Cowboys blog used to have a weekly feature called "Trolling the Nation," in which they scoured message boards looking for fans of teams around league watching (and commenting on) Cowboys games as they happen. They would then publish those comments on their site.

A good idea is a good idea, and I'm stealing it 🤷‍♂️. For the Eagles' NFC Championship Game win over the San Francisco 49ers, I took a look at the comment sections for the live game threads at the SB Nation sites for the Giants, Cowboys, Commanders, and 49ers, who were of course unanimously rooting for the Eagles to lose. 

To note, I did not correct grammar or spelling, but did star-out the potty language. Here's what I found 😈.


• Let's go giant meteor! (Cowboys)

• Oh wow…watching nfl network…Eagle fans can spell…impressive (49ers)

• Anybody but Philly (Giants)

• Eagles are so overrated, we got this. (49ers)

• I think its Philly's year 🙁 (Giants)

• Bosa., kick ass like never ever seen by mankind before!!! (49ers)

• I think the Cowboys' defense is better and was a bigger test to the 49ers than the Eagles. SF should be able to run on Philly and keep the Eagles' offense in check. Lets go 9ers! (Commanders)

DeVonta Smith makes an amazing one-handed catch later revealed to have maybe not been a catch.

• Man... Watch the eagles and watch the cowboys. Their recievers make plays. Their o-line is unreal - Hurts 25 Mississippi's to throw (Cowboys)

• The next time one of you guys sees Jerry Jones tell him thanks from Philadelphia for trading down to allow the Eagles to steal DeVonta Smith from the Giants. (Giants)

• We are light-years behind philly. They look ready to dominate for years. We look ready to lose in the first rd (Cowboys)

• Watching the replay, didn't look like a catch. But too late. (49ers)

• Pretty sure the ball hit the ground on that "catch" by Smith. Also, anyone that doesn't understand why Daniel Jones needs a guy that can make that kind of play, I don't know what to tell them. (Giants)

• Broadcast sure showed some garbage replays right away. Whoever is in our booth reviewing these needs their head examined. (49ers)

• SF blew their shot at a legit challenge (Commanders)

• That Philly O-line is beyond good. Hurts basically had all day on that drive. If we can’t get pressure it’s going to be a long day. (49ers)

• Don't worry, the AFC team will win it all this year. (Cowboys)

Haason Reddick hits Brock Purdy for an incomplete pass, and on review the call is changed to a sack-fumble, which the Eagles recovered.

• Smith's drop not challenged, fumble challenged....... coaching advantage Eagles I guess. Horrific no challenge by SF. Smith CLEARLY knew he dropped the ball he was frantically giving the rush snap signal. Yeesh. Terrible by SF. I was yelling at the TV to throw the red flag. (Giants)

• See Kyle, that’s how to challenge (49ers)

• So Purdy is going to play like a rookie today instead of last week. :( Can't believe they didn't challenge that 4th and 3 catch. Such a huge play. Dumb dumb dumb. (Cowboys)

• Why the hell would you have Croft blocking their best pass rusher . Sometimes Kyle misses the basics, to confident is the system and not focusing on the players on the other side (49ers)

• Having TE block Reddick, that's like Eagles trying a TE to block Bosa. Not smart from an offensive genius (49ers)

• Philthy is gonna end up going to the Super Bowl, aren't they. Gross (Giants)

• When you watch the eagles today, take notice of all the players acquired in trades and free agency. (Cowboys)

• Backup TE on Reddick seems less than ideal. (Commanders)

• Shanahan and coaching like a useless bum in big games, name a more iconic duo (49ers)

• Glad it's not just Evan Neal that can't block Reddick I guess. (Giants)

It's revealed that Purdy was injured on the Reddick sack-fumble.

• OH NO, Josh Johnson (49ers)

• Game over (49ers)

• That is all due to a major coaching error. Backup TE on their best pass rusher (49ers)

• So the refs missed a clear drop and Philly gets a TD from it....and now Purdy gets hurt?? These clowns are catching every BS break possible. (Giants)

• Josh Johnson is playing QB in the NFC Championship game. crazy (Commanders)

• If the Eagles are going to win, I have better ways to spend my day, back-scratch a porcupine, floss alligator teeth, or give a tomcat a colonoscopy. (Cowboys)

• Wonder what college hoops are on now (Cowboys)

• So now the Eagles get the 4th string QB who hasn't taken a snap in years? Nice. (Giants)

Reddick sacks Josh Johnson after the Niners continue to try to block him with a tight end for some reason.

• Smart, nobody block Reddick, good strategy (Cowboys)

• Shanahan refuses to block Reddick with an actual OL, what in the absolute f*** is he thinking? We’re cooked anyway but my goodness is this a s****y coaching display (49ers)

• I guess when one team has both the league’s best offensive line and the league’s best defensive line they should be a favorite against just about anybody. Shanahan deciding to try and block Reddick with a TE twice in this game is making me question his coaching prowess. (Giants)

• Eh. It was irresponsible to have a situation where this was in the hands of Josh Johnson. There was time to find a more talented QB. Even is just marginally so. It’s a simple embarrassment that Johnson is playing QB in the NFCCG (49ers)

• Why the f*** is Purdy still on the sideline? Go inject his wrist in the locker room with whatever Mahomes gets injected with (49ers)

• One bright spot is if the IGgLes win they’ll still lose the next game no matter what. (49ers)

• we lost to these bozos eh. good grief. (Cowboys)

• Gonna be a bloodbath (49ers)

• Eagle trolls should be happy. Next week theyll get Burrow or Mahomes. Gonna be a bit different than Josh Johnson for them (49ers)

Christian McCaffrey breaks off a 23-yard TD run for the 49ers.

• LET'S EFFIN GOOOOO!!! (49ers)

• This is what I'm talking about! This is a damn team! (49ers)

• I know the odds are this comment does not age well AT ALL, but how hilariously rewarding would it be to send the Eagles home with Josh F****** Johnson???

• Damn, we might have a game after all. (Commanders)

• Ha Ha, Quiet down Philly!!! (Cowboys)

• CMC gets 16 mil a year because he's CMC. If Saquon continues to ask for that kind of money, he can take a hike. He's good, but he's no CMC (Giants)

• Eagles look very beatable (49ers)

• Refs 7 Niners 7 - c’mon SF! (Giants)

• Philly has got to be feeling the heat now, 4th string QB doing this 🫣 (Giants)

• Where’s all the Philly mouth breathers now???? This was supposed to Be 56-0 at half (49ers)

The Eagles answer with a 14-play, run-heavy, 75-yard TD drive. The Niners are flagged for several penalties on the drive.

• Perfect time for Hurts to Dak up this game (49ers)

• man if we could give Pollard those holes.... (Cowboys)

• Iggles are OUT PHYSICALING these 9'ers. They've been banging that drum since the opening bell and setting them up for this. The 9'ers have been getting the worse end of the hitting, and the Iggles have been walking right thru the 9'ers biggest hits. Now the results are rolling in. SF can't hang with this team...too much heat, too much bite. (Cowboys)

• In a close game like this the awful officiating is going to decide it. That last first down run the Eagles were holding but no call. (Cowboys)

• Can't beat the refs (49ers)

• So whats the over/under on how many more calls will help the Eagles to score here? 2.5? (Giants)

• Rigged (49ers)

• Between the calls and Greg Olson defending everything it's apparent the fix is in. All of you who bet you hard earned money on nfl games are crazy. (Giants)

• Eagles aren't good (49ers)

• Ugh. Penalties give em 7 (Commanders)

• Refs 14- SF 7 (49ers)

• I'm tired of championship games.. we're never quite good enough and we're freaking cursed. (49ers)

• Good news is even if we lose, Eagles cannot talk s***. Anyone watching this knows who the better team is lol (49ers)

• eagles may be worst team in history to make super bowl? (49ers)

• Win or lose, eagles are trash. (49ers)

Josh Johnson drops a shotgun snap, Reddick recovers, and then Boston Scott runs for a TD to close out the first half.


• oh boy; thats a disaster. maybe Reddick should be DPOY (Cowboys)

• Well that wasn’t on the refs so there is that (49ers)

• Reddick is making generational talent type plays (Commanders)

• This thread shows why everyone hates Eagles fans. Their QB is a fraud and they ain’t winning no super bowl (49ers)

• And that's game. Absolutely disgusting. I get that you're a 4th string guy, but come on. You're a 15 year vet (Giants)

• R.I.P. 💀🙃🏈 (49ers)

• doom sealer (Cowboys)

• Gonna blame the refs for greasing the ball too? (49ers)

• This game over (Commanders)

• Niners should legitimately look into signing Brady. (49ers)

• God. It makes me sick to have to put up with eagles love when they get gifted first down after first down, handed a first down on their first TD drive despite an Incomplere pass, then have a backup QB just dropping snaps for now reason. Come on. (Cowboys)

• Talk about Dak'ing up the game…. (49ers)

• Someone needs to look into whether Josh Jonson has any off shore accounts. (Giants)

• Philly gonna be feeling good until they realize Burrow and Mahomes arent Josh Johnson (49ers)

• Time to go watch paint dry. (Cowboys)

• Kroft blocking Reddick cost us the game (49ers)

• I'm not sure who to pull for in the next game. A healthy Mahomes would be the best bet to take out Philly, but it's unlikely he'd be anywhere close to 100% by the SB. The alternative is watching Eli Apple covering one of Brown or Smith. Ugh. (Giants)

• Well, I guess this blows the “plug and play” narrative for Shanny QB’s (49ers)

• Eagles getting to another superbowl by beating Daniel Jones and Josh Johnson at home. Their qb doesn't even have to do anything cause their lines are so good. (Giants)

• Eagles Dline is winning every snap (49ers)

• I hate the Eagles with every fiber of my being. They are going to walk in to the Super Bowl with the easiest playoff schedule of all time. A mediocre Giants team and 49ers with a 4th string bum at QB that was on his couch most of the year. They have had a ton of breaks go their way. The Cowboys need to get their crap together so we never have to endure this again. (Cowboys)

• Good news is Eagles don’t have a good QB or HC so it’s not over yet… even with a 4 string QB (49ers)

• Has anyone heard a report on Mahomes progress? (Giants)

• No matter what happens the city of Philadelphia will be burnt to rubble like a New Jersey garbage fire tonight. (49ers)

• Wow, Boston Scott can score against other teams too. Who knew? (Giants)

Josh Johnson is knocked out of the game after a hit by Ndamukong Suh.

• good - take Johnson out (49ers)

• QB 5 coming up. (Cowboys)

• Feel bad for the 9ers. Just terrible luck with QBs and it’s gonna bail this fraud Hurts out. Doesn’t matter because the AFC winner will stomp Philly (Commanders)

• What a disgrace. If I'm a Philly fan I feel terrible winning this way. (49ers)

• Only thing worse than this would be living in Phili or being a fan of the Eagles. (49ers)

• How about the flag for landing on the QB with al his body weight?? (Giants)

• Purdy= a chance. Johnson = No chance (49ers)

• The NFL wanted no parts of a Josh Johnson in the Superbowl. (Giants)

• Even if we lose today, at least we can go to bed not in a city like Philly. What a relief. (49ers)

• Game ain't over (Giants)

• Purdy back in… Is a legendary come back story about to be written? (49ers)

The rest of the game is basically just the Eagles running the ball to burn clock, and the Niners running the ball because their quarterback can't throw. Some random comments the rest of the game:

• All i want for christmas is to watch the cowboys in an nfc championship game... im 22. i think im young. i still doubt it will happen in 100 years lol (Cowboys)

• Hurts is so garbage. (49ers)

• I hate the iggles (Commanders)

• Philly fans doing their utmost to reinforce their reputation as some of the worst people on the continent (49ers)

• Hurts would be 3rd on our depth chart. So I guess he would be playing now (49ers)

• Hurts with 121 yards and a passer rating in the 70s M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P! (Giants)

• Michael Jordan 15/25 today for 125 yards (49ers)

• Hurts may be up there with Dilfer to be worst QB to start a super bowl (49ers)

• Eagles gonna come out of this game knowing deep down they were the 4th best team of the last 4. Them is facts you lucky bastards. (49ers)

• Horrible officiating in this game. Totally different ball game if they got the Devonte Smith drop correct. (Cowboys) 

• At this point, one of the Niners should punch a ref. Let us get some enjoyment out of this game. (49ers)

• The eagles get smashed if purdy is healthy. Hurts is an offbrand vick. (49ers)

• I still hate Sirianni. (Cowboys)

• Nick Sirianni is truly the perfect coach for Philly, Classless as the fans (49ers)

• Anyone want to buy a Sirianni dart board? I’m thinking of making one.. (Giants)

• I hate the Eagles so much. Celebrating like they're playing amazing defence, when the reality is the 9ers have ZERO quarterbacks able to throw the ball!! Sirianni is an absolute jerk as well. (Giants)

• Enjoy your hollow victory, Philly (49ers)

• Looks like the Eagles are going to their second SB within 5 years. I can’t stand the Eagles, but the FO demonstrated a clinic on how to pivot out of a bad QB contract and to put together a team that can compete as well as an OC who -actually- leverage his offense’s strengths. It would be foolish of the Cowboys to not take notes on what has worked. But that would require me to hold my breath, which I’m not. (Cowboys)

• LOL at Lil Shanny in his stupid flat bill hat and POS Trent Williams (Commanders)

• Trent Williams game ball! (49ers)

• Cowboys might want to take a page out of Phillys book and get rid of their starting qb dak pickscott. Kind of like they did with wentz. (Cowboys)

• Philly smacked the taste out SF's mouth today and then just flat out cut their balls off and sent them to get bronzed at city hall. #1 Defense showed up with weak legs and weaker hearts. (Cowboys)

• Dirtbag team... dirtbag city... dirtbag coach. Only the city of Philadelphia will be rooting for them in 2 weeks. (49ers)

• Anyone but the garbage Philly fans. They deserve to lose so they get no championship and the 2nd worst draft pick. wait until next season when these fans turn on this garbage Eagles franchise. awful sight watching Eagles celebrating.. (Giants)

• Nauseous watching these Neanderthal fans celebrating. (Commanders)

• Horse s*** sandwiches for all!!! (Giants)

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