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December 12, 2017

Report: 'People freaking out' at D.A.'s office over Krasner review of personnel files

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05162017_Larry_Krasner Source/Krasner campaign

Former defense attorney Larry Krasner is Philadelphia's new district attorney.

Philadelphia's incoming district attorney is causing a stir at the office and he's yet to take the position officially.

Larry Krasner, who was elected district attorney in November, was granted permission by interim D.A. Kelley Hodge to allow his transition team to review the personnel files of hundreds of office employees – in the office, according to a report on

A mass email sent out November 29 to employees about the review, which will be performed presumably to help decide "who's going and who's staying" in a Krasner administration, according to the story by Ralph Cipriano. But the review apparently has yet to begin, possibly because of an ethics concern – Krasner will not be sworn in until January 2.

Krasner has been seen at the D.A.'s office at Penn Square a few times, accompanied by transition team members, who supposedly are working in office space provided by the interim D.A., the report indicated.

The reaction among some employees in the office to all of this? Paranoia.

"People were freaking out," a source familiar with the process told "I think everybody's worried about being fired."

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