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April 30, 2015

Report: More distracted drivers than ever in Pennsylvania

A new report from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts says more Pennsylvania drivers were cited for texting while driving than ever in 2014.

Since the state's "no texting" law went in to effect in March 2012, the number of drivers given citations under it has increased every year. In 2014, a total of 1,410 tickets for texting while driving were issued. That's a jump from 2013's total of 1,340 tickets and 2012's total of 1,190.

If you include those who were cited under the provision of the law that prohibits driving a vehicle while using headphones or earphones, that number jumps even higher. A total of 711 drivers received tickets for that violation in 2014, which was also a jump from the previous two years. 

Philadelphia County has not mirrored that state trend. Including both provisions of the law, 195 drivers were given tickets for distracted driving in 2014, the same amount as in 2013 and a dip from 2012's total of 276 citations. 

Among all Pennsylvania counties, Montgomery was the biggest culprit. It had the highest grand total of distracted driving tickets in the past three years, trumping Philadelphia's 519 with 577 citations.

For data on all Pennsylvania counties, click here.