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July 26, 2016

Legend: Rude Sean Hannity gets booed right out of Wawa in Philly

Source claims conservative pundit cut in line and bashed Black Lives Matter

DNC2016 Wawa
072616_HannitySurveillance Matt McDermott/Twitter

Sean Hannity spotted at Center City Wawa on Monday, July 25, 2016.

Conservative radio pundit and Fox News host Sean Hannity came to Philadelphia presumably to stain the Democratic National Convention. 

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Instead, he seems to have disrespected the region's favorite convenience store and gratuitously insulted African-Americans, thereby staining his own reputation.

At least that's the story according to a few different sources, led by Twitter satirist E. Mo Black.

There's documented proof that Hannity was at the Wawa on Broad and Walnut streets in Center City at some point on Monday night.

Unfortunately, the man who took this picture left before Hannity allegedly lost his composure and demanded service ahead of everyone else. 

That account of what happened was shared by E. Mo Black in a series of glorious tweets you can read in full here. Below is the abridged version. 

The wilful display of elitist bigotry depicted here, followed by such a laudable show of nonviolent vigilante justice, is so becoming of the universe that we all sort of want it to be the truth. 

Did any of this really occur? We all know some things are too good to be true. Remember when Visit Philly promised us an escalator up the Art Museum stepsBy Tuesday, some were questioning the story. 

Hannity himself, responding to tweets, denied the rumor but did seem to acknowledge that there was at least a minor confrontation.

So where does this leave us? Van Newkirk, a writer for The Atlantic, called the Wawa and personally stopped by to get to the bottom of it. 

E. Mo Black takes it from here. 

Maybe the details of what happened will come to light, maybe not. It isn't hoagie time, Hannity, no siree. It's time for Wawa to bust out the surveillance footage.