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January 08, 2023

The Saints' first-round pick, owned by the Eagles, will be 10th overall

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110222HowieRoseman Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Eagles executive Vice President and general manger Howie Roseman

The Philadelphia Eagles currently hold two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft — their own, and the pick that the Saints traded to them prior to the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Saints' pick, owned by the Eagles, will be 10th overall.

The Saints finished with a 7-10 record this season, along with five other teams. The order in which those teams will pick was determined by their 2022 strength of schedules. The easier the strength of schedule, the better the pick (via Tankathon):

 Draft slotTeamStrength of schedule (via Tankathon) 
Falcons (7-10)0.467 
Panthers (7-10)0.472 
10 Saints (owned by Eagles) (7-10)0.507 
11 Titans (7-10)0.510 
12 Browns (owned by Texans) (7-10)0.524 
13 Jets (7-10)0.539 

There is one game left on the NFL schedule. That is between the Packers and Lions on Sunday Night Football. Because the Saints played neither of those teams this season, their strength of schedule is locked in at 0.507.

The Titans played the Packers this season, so if they lose, the Titans' strength of schedule will go down a bit, but only to 0.509. Hence, the Saints pick is locked in at 10th overall.

The Eagles' own first round pick will be determined by how far they advance in the playoffs.

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