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July 11, 2016

SEPTA's new schedule, leased locomotives, bring some relief during Monday's commute

Agency leased three locomotives, 18 passenger cars

Great news - the #SEPTApocalypse has been downgraded to #SEPTAwful.

SEPTA railcar deficit went from 120 to 102 over the weekend as the agency was able to lease three locomotives (the engines) and 18 railcars (where you sit).

As the Monday commute began, trains were running on the new schedule, but according to SEPTA’s Twitter feed, some were already running late. 

In more practical terms, SEPTA Regional Rail lost 13,000 seats last week, and this week it added back 1,700, meaning there's still an 11,300-seat deficit, according to KYW. 

SEPTA released new interim Regional Rail schedules that went into effect Monday (see sidebar)

SEPTA has leased equipment from New Jersey Transit (NJT), Maryland Area Regional Commuter Rail Service (MARC) and Amtrak. NJT has provided one locomotive and eight passenger cars. MARC has provided five passenger cars. Amtrak has provided two locomotives and five passenger cars.

The leased vehicles will be used to bolster service on the Trenton and Paoli/Thorndale Lines.

Service between Glenside and Center City has been added to the West Trenton, Warminster and Lansdale/Doylestown Lines.

The shortage was created when a structural defect was discovered on a majority of Silverliner V trains, causing a third of the Regional Rail fleet to be removed from service.

In response to the crisis, Uber invested $2.5 million into a project to help transport local commuters.

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