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June 06, 2018

Sixers targeted with Bryan Colangelo #Woodergate billboard on I-95

It has been over a week since the embarrassing mystery burner Twitter accounts connected to Bryan Colangelo became public. Yet he still remains, almost unthinkably, the president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers.

A decision on Colangelo's future is expected soon, following the team's independent investigation and an evaluation of their best strategy heading into a pivotal offseason.

In the court of public opinion, most fans and NBA analysts feel it's a no-brainer that Colangelo's image is too damaged to retain, regardless of whether he or someone close to him was responsible for managing those Twitter accounts.

The message is getting louder and clearer that Colangelo needs to go.

Flackable, a public relations firm in Philadelphia, put up a billboard on I-95 this week that calls on the Sixers to take action. While the scandal has been interchangeably called burnergate and collargate, Flackable's billboard refers to it as #Woodergate, a play on Philadelphia dialect and the infamous downfall of President Richard Nixon.

“Before launching this campaign, I posted a poll on Twitter asking fans if I should do it,” Flackable founder Brian Hart said. “The poll received 1,087 responses, with 96 percent agreeing I should run a billboard in an effort to push out Mr. Colangelo. That’s how strongly this city and fan base felt about sending a powerful message to the organization.”

“At Flackable, we trust the process, and we love this team,” said Hart. “I’m optimistic the organization will listen to the clear message coming from our passionate fan base and do the right thing.”